Friday, February 26, 2016

And Soup Was Eaten

See those three feral puppies? 
Their names are Gibson, Owen, and Kaleb. 

You know Gibson and Owen. Do you know whose grandchild Kaleb is? 

He is the grandson of Scott and Yolie. 

Y'all! Scott and Yolie came to Lloyd! 
We just kept looking at each other and going, "Wow. Do you believe this? Wow! Do you believe this?"

I still don't believe it. 

Scott, the Tearful Dishwasher himself. And Yolie, our very own dear Planting Along The Verge. 
And Kaleb. Their grandboy. 
I don't think he has a blog yet. 

It's so odd in that when I first started reading Tearful, I thought, "I'm going to meet him." 
And then my logical brain said, "No way."
I told Hank this today and he said, "The future is a weird place. But I kinda like it."

Me too. 

It was complete and utter chaos with those three feral puppies running around like...feral puppies...and beautiful Magnolia

and Lily and Jason and Greta, too, who is staying with Lily and Jason while her humans are in North Carolina. There was a grand tour to see the trees and garden and camellias and chickens and cats and all of it. And we ate soup and bread and berry Pavlova and there were martinis too. 

Can you believe it? 
I still don't believe it. 

There will be more adventures with those beautiful people. 
They really are. Beautiful. 
In all ways. Even more than I thought. 

I can't believe the paths this blog has taken me on. I am so grateful. 

Namaste, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. How cool is that? I love Planting Along the Verge and their excellent new adventure.

  2. I'm so jealous I can barely see through the green. Of you and of them.

  3. I understand Elizabeth's green fog. All you beautiful souls together. Tearful and Yolie on your porch. Kaleb running wild with your grand boys. Well. I can think of few things more epic than that.

  4. Oh my gods and goddesss, yes I am also bit green right now! Have a wonderful visit.

  5. Sing Hallelujah when worlds collide! This made me so happy for All Y'All :o). Those are some beautiful feral puppies. x0's All Around N2

  6. What??? That's like meeting rock stars! Amazing.

  7. How fun this community is! Not only bloggers but grandchildren too. How fun!

  8. I've not read either of those but will have to take a peek now. and of course they wanted the grand tour. who wouldn't?

  9. This made me smile! Who would have guessed this future? I hope you have a wonderful visit. Hug them for me.

  10. Epic. Scott and Yolie look great! And very well. I found all my favourite blogs here. Mary, I think you should open a small bed and breakfast with a chicken-and-cat tour for your adoring public to make a pilgrimage. A retreat to absorb the peace and joy. Honestly, it's like finding out that your favourite book and all it's characters and places are real.


  11. Wow. Aren't they Californiites or something, to boot? What a perfect group the boys make. Too bad nobody there was photogenic or anything. Neat!

  12. Happy happy! How lovely the boys got to play with a blog... grandbrother??

  13. Terrific. :)

    (I didn't realize Yolie is a blogger too...)


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