Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pain And It's Passing

I don't know this for sure but I think that if an adult goes in to get pins removed from an arm they probably provide at least some pain relief beforehand.
Poor Owen. It seemed like it hurt like hell but it didn't take long and he survived and by the time his new cast was on, he had mostly recovered. He will only have to wear the cast for another week and then he's done.
After the procedure and the new cast, we went to the grocery store and Owen shopped with me which I enjoyed so much. I showed him how to tell the difference between cilantro and Italian parsley and we discussed all of my selections and yes, yes, yes. I got him some Fruit By The Foot, which for some reason, he and his brother think is the most marvelous treat on earth and I also got him a little toy (and one for Gibson) and some of his favorite yogurt.
He knows I'm a big pushover.
Lily said at check-out, "Mama never bought those things but Mer does."
It's true.
And quite frankly, I love being a grandmother and buying the treats that Mamas have to put their feet down about because when my children were little, I would have loved to have said, "Yes," to everything they wanted and now I can do a little of that and it's okay and the world doesn't come to an end. And besides that, I just love them so much. When I saw Owen running up to me at the clinic, I got a huge stab of joy in my heart that I can't even describe to you.
It's...well, just indescribable. Something I never realized could happen.

And now it's raining a little and the wind is blowing and I've got chicken enchiladas in the oven, and avocados and tomatoes and cilantro chopped with lime juice over all on the table and the Stones are just about to hit the stage in Santiago-It's Only Rock and Roll (But Me Gusto)- and I'm thinking about an old friend who's getting surgery on Friday for cancer and the thunder and lightening just rumbled and lit and soon it will be time to crawl into the bed and let this day go by.

May all be well, may all be well, may we all be at peace and not in pain.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm glad Owen got thru it. Poor him. It's good he got treats after. I'm glad he only has to wear the cast for another week. Then he can hold Maggie properly.

  2. The classic pleasures of being a grandparent!

  3. Another day of knowing life is good.

  4. Life is just everything all at once. Hope your friend will be well. So happy that brave Owen is almost back to himself. I saw that stab of joy in my own mother when her grandchildren came around. I swear it gave them a deep sense of worthiness. Grandmothers are powerful in their love.

  5. I'm amazed he got no pain relief. Seems unnecessarily cruel.

  6. There are so many thing in life that we never realized could happen, and thank god some of them are profoundly good.
    And hooray for Owen. Holy moly. I bet that did hurt and he got through it. Sending love.

  7. good for Owen for being so brave. and buying the grands stuff that mom won't is part of the fun. heard at my house more than once...granddaughter: granny can I have this? her mom: don't give her that, Mom. me: here you go sweetie. although when they started coming for their weeks here and we would go to the grocery store I wouldn't buy them crap or soda but commenced to educate them on what is food and what is not. many an eye roll when I had them read the labels.

  8. Shit, poor Owen. That sounds terrible :)


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