Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lost...And Found

Today has been a day for finding things. I seemed to need to just keep moving and so I did and pulled that drawer out from under the stove and used the flashlight to find what was stashed between the stove and the cabinet and mostly what I found was two forks, two simmer mats, an ancient "Perpetual Plum" lipstick without the top, a bunch of seashells, a few magnets, one of Frida, one of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and enough dust to fill a bushel.
I am thinking that two little boys I know might have discovered the fun of sticking things down that crack and into the hidey-hole provided under the cabinet when they were younger. We also found a fan remote control the other day (who needs a fucking fan remote control?) that Gibson used to use as a pretend cell phone and just the sight of it brought back memories of that little boy, walking around with the remote up to his ear saying, "Hello! Hello!"
So all of that is good and I now have more simmer mats than any one person needs and the fork inventory is back up to five. I tenderly cleaned up Frida and the Virgin, soaking them in some soapy water and then washing their faces.

While he worked in the garden, Mr. Moon found that tiny toy horse in the picture above and it always surprises me when we find something in the garden. You'd think by now we would have handled every square inch of dirt and everything it held in there. The horse is missing a tail and must be pretty old because his belly is stamped "Japan" and not "China." I put him on my dirty window sill next to a blooming orchid I bought myself last week.
Still life with Japanese horse and orchid, late-afternoon sunlight shining through.

I made the chocolate truffles and did a little weeding myself, did laundry, ironed some shirts. My husband keeps saying, "What can I do for you?" and I just smile and thank him and tell him I love him.

So it's been a quiet day and I got this picture from Lily.

My big boys, holding their little sister, their Valentine's picture. Owen being so careful with Magnolia, Gibson such a little man boy, that turtle neck, those eyebrows, that hand on his thigh. Magnolia our newest baby, our sweet little girl in her giant headband flower and matching red pants. We are starting to wonder if she is going to have blue eyes which would be incredibly amazing. Jason and Lily both have brown eyes, as does her other grandma and her Boppy.
I would like that, of course, my own blue-eyed DNA passed down to her. But it doesn't really matter. She is going to have beautiful eyes, no matter their color.

Jessie sent me this, speaking of beautiful eyes.

Her good-looking fellas picked her a camellia.

And here's a picture of what the garden looks like this evening with the sprinkler on it.

It is tilled and weeded and ready to receive the potatoes and peas and Mr. Moon even planted one last row of arugula and mustards before winter ends, to hopefully get a few more weeks of that goodness.

Rusty is still up in the tree and Lily has posted on Facebook, asking if anyone has a sixty-foot ladder or for other suggestions. The bin with the tuna in it is still there, and frankly, they can't afford the hundreds of dollars it would require for a tree trimmer to come and rescue him and I'm afraid the cat is so freaked out that he might actually jump if someone approached him like that. He's known me his entire life and still has only once let me pet him.
So that saga continues.

And it has been a good day, despite the panic in my belly and I have been listening to another book by James Lee Burke, read by Will Patton and my favorite line so far is this one: "Her smile reminded me of when someone opens a music box."

Keep moving, don't fight it, stay open to all of the possibilities of beauty and of love.

Open the music box, turn the little key at the bottom and let the tinkling notes fill your heart.

And so forth.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Maybe they need a fresh can of tuna by now? The extra burst of tuna scent might drive the poor thing into the bin. I would be wringing my hands and moaning by this point.

    It's so cool you found your simmer mats.

  2. Perhaps Gibson and/or Owen thought that Frida and the Virgin of Guadelupe needed to spend some time together. Sort of like a retreat.


  3. What if you just give a ding to the local guy from the site and see what he would need to rescue Rusty.

    Stevie Allman
    Tallahassee, Florida
    Phone: (850) 879-1623


  4. What sweet photos, and what fine internetting by invisigal.

  5. I'm a bit behind, but these photos are so beautiful. All those sweet and distinct, individual gazes --

  6. The valentines day picture of your grandbabies is so sweet. I love that Magnolia is still a little ball of baby.

    I can't believe that there is someone who gets cats out of trees for a living! I wonder what he charges?

  7. Well, one way to find out.

    I was wondering about holoding a big sheet open under the tree, and ... I don't know, throwing beanbags at the cat or something. Not blasting it out with water, like that comment from yesterday told of (meep!) but ... something drastic, at this stage, as he isn't helping himself!

    I love your little horse, and the light in your garden, and the sweet photos.

  8. we have some crazy ass geocachers around here who scale trees and poles to find caches....i wonder if any of them exist in the piney woods of your area of florida????


  9. jenny_o- I believe help is on the way today.

    Invisigal- Looks like you might be our new hero!
    Thank you!

    A- Seriously!

    Elizabeth- The eyes of our children...

    Birdie- We are about to find out!

    Jo- Well, one of the problems has been that Rusty is so high up in that tree that in order to get even a rope over the limb he's on, it has to be thrown from the tallest ladder we own. I mean, he is UP there!

    Mrs. A- That could be Plan B. Except now we're probably up to Plan R.

  10. If cats only knew how much strain they put people under emotionally, they'd smarten up their ways.
    Those. Babies. Are. Delicious!
    When you talk about the dirt, I salivate. Isn't that weird?! I miss living on an acreage. I miss summer (not that I should complain because our winter has been so mild!) I miss fresh greens.
    It's going to be one of THOSE days.

  11. Were those the simmer mats that you bought and then spent ages looking for? Or different ones? I seriously have been wondering where they went. (Isn't that strange? I really have. I'd be happy if they were those mats. Then they can be filed under 'done' in my head. :-) )

  12. I love that MWA was thinking about your lost simmer mats, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    That toy horse is a terrific find!


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