Sunday, February 21, 2016

In Which We Lose Electrical Power

Well, it has been a slow and good day. We planted a few potatoes, a few peas, a bit of a row of cilantro. The arugula and mustards that Mr. Moon planted last week are coming up. I did laundry and finished listening to Burt Reynolds' memoir and I'm glad I listened to it. In a way, he reminds me of Keith Richards in that in the end, it's the acting (his art) that mattered to him. And he says that being an acting teacher has meant everything to him.
There is something truly good about a person who finds his or her purpose in life at an early age and pursues that dream. It's inspiring. Old Burt is weak-voiced but he can still make you laugh. And he cries during the reading of the audio book when he talks about friends he has loved who have passed on and women he has loved whom he let go.
Interesting. At least to me.

We took a nap and that was lovely and I slept for over an hour and when I got up I went out and collected the laundry off the line and unloaded the dishwasher and started yet another load of laundry (one pair of Mr. Moon's overalls are almost a full load- trust me) and as I was starting the washing machine the power flickered and came back on and flickered again and came back on and went out. There was not even a breeze or a drizzle.
Probably a dead tree that dropped a branch.

Mr. Moon and I settled on the porch to play some cards and at one point, when the battery back-up for the router started beeping, I went into the bedroom where it's plugged in and discovered the source of the icky smell I'd detected when I woke up from my nap. Two dead mice, looking for all the world like the cat-toy mice you buy in the grocery store, but real and decaying. Oh, Maurice! Well, this is why cats live with humans and I guilted Mr. Moon into going in and dealing with them. I said- "Hey- I deal with poopy diapers and wiping poopy butts. You deal with dead things."
And he did.

He beat me quite quickly at gin and I sighed, thinking that well, at least I'm lucky in love, but then I realized- Hey! So is he!
Still, I laughed. I love playing cards with him. We curse like sailors and it's all just for fun.

I went into the kitchen with my miner's headlamp (which is such a good look) and as soon as I'd struck a match to light my gas burner to heat up leftovers, the power came on and for a moment, it was disconcerting. It was like leaving the 1800's and having the door opened back to 2016.
So. Heating up leftovers, all three simmer mats employed. Jack and Maurice just had a bit of a snit-fit about who could be on the table I'm writing on and I'm hungry as hell.

Lucky at love, if not at cards, lucky at life too.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dear dear Mary and all the assorted Moons.

    Thank you for your sweet life and for sharing it with us.

    Love you, darlin'


  2. Yeah, i'll take my chances with the hantavirus over poopy diapers any day.

  3. I have missed several posts and have much to catch up on! I can do a quick scan, though, and see that life in Lloyd is purring along in its usual beautiful way. The grand-babies are growing!

  4. You made me laugh with your comment about Mr Moon's underpants. You saucy woman!

  5. I've bought my tomato plants but have not got them in yet. was going to get the last load of dirt today since my grandson is here to help shovel it all out but it's raining. but I don't mind. the rain is good and we need it badly. also got my peach tree which I planned to plant yesterday but got side tracked.

  6. We really wanted to see a picture of you in a miner's headlamp! Lucky in life - a good thing to be. But it's also good to work hard to make a 'lucky life', and you do that.

  7. Ah, Florida. Why is electrical power in Florida so haphazard? Ours used to go out all the time, sometimes not even when it was storming. I love this post -- you sitting on the porch, playing cards, having that easy rapport with your husband and dealing with the mice. So homey.

  8. Good morning, dear Mary. I hope we both have a lovely week. Your weekend seemed divine in all its parts, and I loved that description of the lights going out and taking you back to the past.

  9. Beth- I love you too. Thank you.

    Ajax- Ha! It slays me how Mr. Moon can shoot and gut and skin a deer but a baby's poopy diaper leaves him a bit helpless.

    Elizabeth- Oh. Yes they are. Every day they are growing and changing and dragging their old Mermer along with them.

    Mwa- No! Not his underpants! His overalls! There is a difference. But let me say this- when I first started dating him, I had a t-shirt made for him which said, "Six-Ten and Well Proportioned."
    He never wore it but he should have.

    Ellen Abbot- We should cut down all the damn old pecans on this property which don't yield shit and plant more fruit trees. Peaches and citrus and even olive trees would all do fine here if we provided more sun.

    Jenny_o- Not a pretty picture- me in a head lamp. But I do love their ability to light my way when I am cooking in a dark kitchen. Thank you for what you said about "making luck." I have done my best but there is an undeniable factor of just pure luck involved. Meeting Mr. Moon for instance...

    Steve Reed- I think around here, there are just so many trees and sometimes, even if there is no wind or rain, they just drop branches on the lines. But the power company is pretty good about getting it all taken care of. And thank god for gas stoves, kitchen matches, and battery-powered camp lights.

    Angella- I wish the same for both of us. Just...acceptance of the goodness of our lives without all of the bullshit chemical static which interferes with what we have.

  10. My word! Did I read that wrong??? That just shows how my mind works then. I have no excuses. It's a filthy cesspit in there. You're still a saucy woman, though.


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