Friday, February 12, 2016

Paying Tribute, Meandering And Wandering.

I've been in a sort of fog all day despite the clear blue sky, the warm temperatures. I wandered around Tallahassee, trying to do errands and everything felt as if I was walking through something the consistency of hand sanitizer. It looks clear...
You're not going to believe this. I turned the Amy Pohler memoir in again.
Yes. I did. True confessions. I have no idea how I did this. I had a bag with the items I was returning to the library and somehow, I just suppose I threw that one in there.
So now I'm going to get an e-mail that I've returned an audio book with disc 4 missing. I'd finished disc three.
I give up.
But, on the plus side, I checked out Burt Reynold's memoir on audio and have started listening to that in the car.
Look- say what you will about Burt- he rocked.
I have always said that as an actor he was completely underrated because he was so damn handsome.

That was a centerfold he did for Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1972 which changed a lot of shit. 
Women went crazy. Finally- a man posing for women's pleasure instead of the other way around. 

But. His acting was amazing, even if he did make a few less-than-wise decisions about what movies to make. I loved the fact that in his movies and his TV shows, he brought along his friends who were often themselves completely underrated actors. He was loyal, he was darling, he was self-deprecating, he was funny as hell. 
He was talented. 

So I'm listening to this book and he sounds so old and he talks a lot about his daddy whom he loved so very, very much who never once said, "I love you," or "I'm proud of you," but who, in fact, never let him forget that acting was not a real job. Who whipped (beat?) him as a child. 

There is something so horribly heart-rending, hearing this old man voice talk about what a great man his daddy was and how he never could make him happy or proud of him. 

Let me just say that no matter what a person accomplishes in life, if he or she does not hear some affirmation from their parent, it is hard, if not impossible, to believe in oneself. 

Somehow, I had the fortune to grow up in a time when The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and yes, Burt Reynolds were doing what they did. All of it helped shape who I was, who I am.

I came home from town today to find that the wind had opened my garden gate, allowing my hens to peck and scratch down the rows of my winter greens.

I have no idea how all of this is related, but it is.

Be well, y'all. Ride the tides and waves of current events as they happen. There is no stopping it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Know that I am still here, reading. A day will go by and you'll have posted 15 times, so I'm just taking it all in.
    Can't you wear overalls to the wedding? :)
    The Burt Reynolds stuff made me tear up.
    The baby pictures. There are no words.
    Eat, drink and be merry, Mary.

  2. Burt Reynolds was always one of my favourite actors. I didn't know that about his father. It seems to me that he couldn't have been that great a man if he treated his child like that.

  3. God, I loved Burt Reynolds when I was a teenager. I have such happy memories of going to see all of his movies. He might have been my second movie star crush after Clark Gable. Now, I'd take Burt over Clark any day.

  4. Such a great poster. There's a restaurant I used to go to that has (had) that poster in the women's restroom.

  5. Danielle was desperate to get this book, he also loves Burt. If you found a cheap copy on Amazon and sent him it, it'd make his day :)

  6. I read an excerpt from that book and it sounded pretty interesting, though I never understood the appeal of that centerfold.

    I think you clearly subconsciously do NOT want to finish that Amy Pohler book!

  7. I'm still waiting for Burt and Sally to get back together. As for parents, I got the best. Both my parents praised my brother and me, and taught us to be responsible for our actions. When I left home at 18 my mama said, 'we raised you to be prepared to go out on your own, but I've changed my mind.' Back to Burt....still love him!

  8. Thank you for that picture! That is indeed a gorgeous one. I am unashamedly happy with eye candy.


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