Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Am Pushing No Boundaries Today

Beautiful morning and Mr. Moon is in fix-it mode. He's repairing the back porch door now

and I'm being lazy. I made a breakfast but that's about my only claim to productivity today so far.
I did read a rather horrifying article in the paper about the devastation of Wakulla Springs, which was timely as we were just there yesterday. Despite the beauty still found there, it is apparent to all of us who have visited over the years that the water clarity is absolutely not what it used to be. And as the article points out, it's not just the fact that the springs and the river it feeds are so much darker now, it's the fact that the spring head is boiling forth with water from our aquifer, which means that our aquifer water is in dire trouble too.
Ah Jeez. It's taken white people how long to destroy what has been perfect and in place for hundreds of thousands of years?

Sometimes I am so ashamed of my species that I can barely stand it.

We are angels, we are demons of destruction.


It's a beautiful world/It's a scary as fuck world.

Well, it's Sunday. That's all I got for you right now.

Be well, y'all. I mean it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. yes, I totally understand the folks who dress up in animal costumes and pretend they are another species. I look forward to reincarnating ( if it is a thing) into a wolf pup. Humans have fouled their own nest so badly. When the earth shakes us off, it will heal, no doubt.

  2. You've pretty much summed it up.

  3. I'm not sure I can bring myself to read that article. I'm with you on the state of humanity -- we're a mess. Some of us do try hard, though.

  4. Have I remarked on how beautiful your header is? If not, it's beyond beautiful. And I'm not sure I can handle the article about such fuckery.

  5. There should be such huge mourning and reparation for these places we are destroying. It seems so huge and out of our hands that all we can do is turn our faces away and shrug the responsibility. Is it any wonder so many of us are depressed and anxious? We don't know what to do while the world around us is being turned into a hell.

    I'm aware that sounds a teeny bit melodramatic, but really, the evidence is easy to amass!


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