Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Flock Is Fine

So I opened up my Facebook this morning and there was my Elvis in one of those "memory" deals and that was five years ago today. And speaking of, his granddaughter Lisa Marie, was running around inside the garden when I went to let the chickens out this morning.
I guess she got trapped in there although in my experience, chickens can most definitely fly when needs be.
She's probably full of tender collards and mustards.
Bless her heart.
And Jack, whom I hadn't seen yesterday all day, magically appeared in the house at five a.m. when Luna woke me up, scratching at the door. It was a freaking cat fiesta in this house before day break.
So. All critters present and accounted for.

And now I need to get dressed and get to Lily's house. Breastfeeding group and bridesmaid gown shopping. It's an even MORE beautiful day today in that it rained last night and so everything is clean and clear as gin and all is well. The cardinals are at the feeder in droves along with the tiny finches and despite the fact that we've hardly had winter, I can tell that spring is coming.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Breastfeeding group. Sounds like the most fun. One started up here very recently, but I stopped years ago. Almost made me want to start again.

  2. it's definitely spring here though not much is budding out. well, the bluebonnets and the evening primrose are growing like mad. and the clover. I saw some tiny buds poking out on the indigo. but the birds are definitely sure. we had an opportunity for rain yesterday but didn't get any. I wish it had as it's been weeks.

  3. Glad every critter is home and well.

  4. You lead an exciting life Mary Moon. Babies, breastfeeding groups, wedding planning, Japonica lunches, roof fixing and the whole farmyard flock. And the thing is, you created this rich life. Sweet.

  5. It feels like spring here, today, too. That's because it's 9C (48F) whereas two days ago was -12C with windchill making it feel like -25C (10F feeling like -13). A very fast spring. Never mind, it's going back to -12C (10F) day after tomorrow.

    And I read about your fresh greens and my mouth waters ...

  6. P. S. I'm glad Lisa Marie is safe and sound, and I hope the critter issues stop for awhile to give you a break.

  7. Everyone is home safe...thank goodness.

    Sure was nice of that arborist to rescue Rusty.


  8. Mwa- It is really fun. Just seeing all the babies makes it so nice.

    Ellen Abbott- That was the sweetest rain we had last night. It was just perfect. I hope you get some soon too!

    messymimi- Thank you!

    Angella- I am constantly amazed. Constantly.

    jenny_o- How do you stand it? I can barely tolerate wearing socks. Bless your heart!

    Julia- Yes. He is our hero now!

  9. Oh, thank goodness! I'm glad Lisa Marie turned up. I bet it was just torture for her being trapped in your garden with all those greens. :)


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