Thursday, February 11, 2016

Next Thing You Know, I'll Be Using Bullet Points In Lieu Of Actual Writing

Ironed sheet report:


That's the first time I ever used that word, I believe, but it seems appropriate.
Translation: Not worth the effort.

Another thing about aging I do not like:

Snoring. Mr. Moon woke me up last night and said, "Honey. I've never heard you snore that loud. Are you okay?"
And I was just dreaming away...

Who says the romance has to end?

Middle of the night excitement:

Maurice jumped off the bed and attacked another cat who was coming in the cat door. Jack? Luna? I do not know. But she soon came back to bed and cuddled back in, her work done, our home safe and sound and protected from our other pets.


Cold as fucking fuck.

Plan for the day:

Doing something with Lily and Jessie. Maybe we're going to the mall? A plant nursery? I don't know. I don't care. It'll be better than ironing sheets and I'll get to play with babies.

Supper plan:

Sopa de lima.

There you have it. A complete report.
I'm positively trembling with the excitement of it all.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. I usually wake up about 2 or 3 AM every night like clockwork. whether or not I can get back to sleep in the bed depends on if he is snoring and how loud. used to be, I would sleep the rest of the night on the couch but now, here at the country house, we have an actual guest bedroom so now I go sleep there. I snore too, but that doesn't keep me awake though the other night I snored so loudly that I woke myself up.

  2. My three guys all use the word's descriptive, but boring after a while...I too sometimes wake myself by snoring. I recently fell in love with the hoya houseplants , so if you see some at the nursery, give em a kiss from me. I have found some online, am contemplating ordering some when the weather won't kill them.

  3. Snoring can mean sleep apnea, which is usually treated by wearing a CPAP machine at night. I could not tolerate it. Instead I have trained myself to sleep on my side. It's given me more wrinkles on my face but I don't care. That machine is the devil's handiwork.

    Too bad about the sheets! But now you know :)

  4. I have sleep apnea, and a C-PAP. it's worked wonders, but I now can't fall asleep without it. I got four hours sleep last night due to stuffy nose and congestion, which, sadly, a C-PAP doesn't help. Maybe if I'd just ironed my sheets...... 😉

  5. @ Catrina (if you come back to read the comments here) could I ask how long it took you to be able to sleep through the night with your CPAP machine?

  6. Ellen Abbott- I have woken myself up too before. It's...startling.

    Big Mamabird- I do think we saw some of those plants today!

    jenny_o- I already sleep on my side. Darn.

    Catrina- I just don't think I could deal with it but I know they do wonders for some people.

  7. They have the sweetest clusters of flowers with a yummy scent and nectar...part of my childhood was being allowed to taste the sweetness of their nectar!

  8. Ha! I wrote a post with bullet points last night before seeing this one of yours. xo


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