Monday, February 22, 2016

The chickens are breakfasting on fallen white camellia petals.
I've never seen this before.

Good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Meanwhile mine are having chicken races with the mouse parts my cat left in the night..!

  2. Do chickens seem to know what is edible and what is not?

  3. Like Radish said, a poem. A haiku!

    I saw a squirrel on the fence yesterday eating a camellia blossom. I don't know where it got it, because I haven't seen any camellias in bloom around here! Of course I couldn't get to my camera before it dropped the flower and took off.

  4. Where's William Carlos Williams when you need him, eh?

  5. Rebecca- It was beautiful. Truly.

    Big Mamabird- And I can totally envision that as well.

    jenny_o- Chickens will eat whatever they want. They try a nibble and a peck and if they like it, they will go forward with it. I think they have an inborn sense about what is edible and what is not.

    Jill- I only report what I see.

    Steve Reed- Perhaps the camellias are especially tasty this year. Both here and where you live. Who knows? Not me. I would love to see a picture of a squirrel eating a camellia.

    Jo- Right? Cold plums, camellia petals.


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