Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just...Being. Part Whatever

It has been the weirdest day. I feel like I haven't done a damn thing which is not true and I've even spoken to several people, some via text, some on the phone, some on FB messenger, one in real actual life in my kitchen but it seems as if I've just been in a dream world all day long. I ironed. I watched TV and ironed. That is weird. I almost never iron and I never watch TV during the day but I've been doing a few of my husband's shirts and he's so sweetly appreciative that it kills me and I figured- what the hell? It's raining, it's chilly, plug in the iron and watch Top Chef. It was great! Hell! I even ironed the pillowcases!
And took some trash and cleaned out the hen house and moved a pile of wood and realized that my beloved, wonderful, so very much appreciated dishwasher was not draining and so I washed all the dishes by hand and made up the bed with clean sheets and those ironed pillowcases, picked greens for salad and I've made a sort of egg custard because we're ahead on eggs again.
But still- here I am and here I have been, pretending to be a domestic goddess, and I texted a friend and said, "So I'm ironing and watching TV. It's sort of really fun. Do I need to get a life?"
And she texted back, "Nope. You HAVE a life."
And I texted back to her, "Phew!"

Yesterday when I went with Lily and Magnolia June and Owen to the orthopedic clinic I went into the X-ray room with Owen because Maggie was nursing and he sat on my lap and they covered us both with the lead apron and arranged his arm on the place where it had to be arranged and I said something vaguely nursey and he said, "You're retired now, Mer. But now your job is taking care of people."
Which made me want to hug him so tightly that my bones would have been visible with his.
Instead, I just sat with him there, and kissed the top of his head (which is growing ever easier to do- my god, that child is growing tall!) and waited for the clicks.

Here are two pictures that Lily sent me last night that she took of Gibson and his sister.

And here's a picture that Jessie sent me that both Mr. Moon and I posted on Facebook of a shopping trip she took with August to the Target.

When Mr. Moon posted it, he commented thusly:
"My grandson was caught today trying to knock off a drugstore. He was almost successful but his face mask fell down while facing the security camera."

He was going to add, "All he was trying to do was to get Depends for his old grandpa," but he did not. I think he should have. 

I do not have a new picture of Owen but I have tried to give you one with words. That big, brave boy who is so funny. 
Here's another story- the orthopedic clinic, for some lovely reason, has a little fresh produce stand outside the entrance a few days a week and yesterday, before we went in, I bought some things. I wanted sweet potatoes which Owen approved of because they go into the pancakes he loves and as I was looking around and ruminating about what else to buy, he said slyly, "But no pickled eggplant," which is a running joke in the book we love called The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza.

My heart cracked open as I cracked up. The boy has a sense of humor. And we have shared jokes. 

Yes. I do my best to take care and here's a picture of the man I take care of, who takes care of me, with our youngest grandchild. 

So it's been an odd day but a good one and those pillows are going to feel so good tonight. 
It's okay, I suppose, to take a day to do little stuff, to just be. To remember that taking care of my own tiny piece of the world is enough. 
How often have I said this? 
I have no idea but eventually, I may believe it. 
Or not. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Magnolia's head is so perfectly round! She's a little cartoon baby, when her mouth is open roundly, and her giant eyes so round in her round little face! Gorgeous photos.

    How nice that you enjoyed some ironing and tv! They do go together well... I gave up ironing, but the tv does make it less hellish, and you also get to not feel guilty for watching tv in the daytime. Winwin.

  2. How very fun your day was and how very busy you have been, taking care of everyone and not even noticing that it's you who makes their world spin.


  3. I meant to say how very full your day was, but fun works too!

  4. Beautiful photos of your beloved grandchildren and Mr Moon. It is a wonderful thing to take enjoyment from simple things like ironing and watching TV.

  5. MY ex-mother-in-law used to sit down and iron while she watched The Price is Right! She was anything but lazy but knew when to take a break when she could.

  6. You are plenty busy with meaningful things, even if it doesn't always feel that way! I'm always impressed with how much work and life and love you fit into your days. Especially love. That picture of August with the hat is hilarious, though I think he looks more like the detective assigned to the case than the robber.

  7. I've said it before, you make me miss my grandkids as babies and little ones. and yah, crazy how we can be busy all day and still feel like we haven't accomplished anything.

  8. hahaha i love what steve said about august!

  9. Your lips must get tired, with all those loving faces to kiss :)


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