Friday, February 26, 2016

Lloyd Friday Report

The hens are already getting busy this morning and have gifted me with four nice eggs. For some reason, they are laying on the ground in the hen house in the same spot the ducks used to lay. I have no idea how they pick their laying spots but they are very determined to lay where they want to. That whole hen house with all the nests available to them and they will wait, literally pacing, to get on that one nest if another hen is already there.

It's been a nice morning already, my friend Liz Sparks having dropped by to give me a pair of overall shorts she picked up at a thrift store in Sopchoppy. She's on her way to meet her parents and then they're all driving down to Orlando to see her grandchildren. Liz is one of those people who brightens your day, just by her very presence. She is the gift, although I do love the overalls, too.

Speaking of grandchildren...Jessie sent me this picture. They are at a Waffle House. If you look closely, you can see that August is asking if he can please have hash browns with cheese.

Look at those darling fingers. He will get no hash browns. He has no teeth yet and is still being entirely breast fed and we tease Jessie all the time. 
"Come on, just one tiny taste of guacamole. Let him have just one tiny taste."
"No," she says but looking at the boy, I think she knows what she's doing. He'll be ready to eat something soon. 

A momentous occasion happened here last night. Jack The Cat and Maurice both slept on the bed. There was no hissing, no spitting, no slashing, no biting. They kept their distance from each other. Jack lay on one side of Mr. Moon and Maurice laid next to me, both pretending that the other wasn't there. Do not even try to tell me that cats can't feel possessive or jealous. I am, to tell you the truth, quite proud of Maurice for allowing this other cat to come into her domain. Perhaps it's due to that huge pair Jack is still sporting.
Got to get that taken care of. 
He's just so gentle and calm. 

Well. There is a bright red cardinal sitting in the camellia bush which is filled with white blossoms and it's a sight and I have much to do and better get to it. 

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mary I do believe the Animal Gods are blessing you like crazy all over the place.

  2. Please PLEASE will you come to my house and cat whisper my holy terror so she can be around my other two cats??

    That's pretty amazing, by any measure. Because, yes, I'm pretty sure cats feel possessiveness and jealousy. And a host of other emotions. Anyone who lives with a cat and has eyes can see it.

  3. I finally got my tomatoes in the new raised bed yesterday and planted a purple orchid tree and intend to plant my peach tree today as well. I never thought Emma, the cat, would accept another animal but she did in fact accept the little dog. they don'g cuddle but in the evenings, Minnie the dog is curled up next to me on the couch and Emma is at my feet on the reclined recliner.

  4. A cardinal in white blossoms? Yow! Florida.

  5. I love reading you. I know I comment that more than anything else but sometimes (often), I just can't come up with the words to talk about specifics. You and your family and your life have a little place all your own in my life because of this blog.

  6. Sopchoppy is one of the best town names I know.


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