Monday, February 1, 2016

Swear Words Ahead

I woke up this morning in a mood that can best be described as "why am I still alive?"
I know. Right?
God. I'm just pissy. If I were still having periods, which I MOST CERTAINLY AM NOT! I would call myself PMS'ing. As it is, I am just crazy.
No reason. None at all. Beautiful day. Beautiful fucking day and it's like 73 degrees and although my CD player which is in my pocket all the time, broke, which rendered me completely useless because I am incapable of doing anything around here without a book in my ear, I found another old one stashed in the closet that by some miracle of GOD and all the angels and possibly Tesla, works, and so I can't even blame that and I took a walk and that went fine, all the blue sky and warm breezes absolutely pissing me off because hey! I'm in a bad mood. Stop being so fucking gorgeous, north Florida.
And obviously, my sentence writing abilities have disappeared somewhere in the blackhole night where I had horrible dreams that I'm not even going to grace with reporting as to details because they were appalling and maybe that's why I'm in such a bad mood.
Damn. Stupid camellias blooming their hearts out, got this picture from Lily this morning

and the Rolling Stones may be recording a new album and the only real thing I have to really bitch about are the hog dogs which are barking, barking, barking mad and honestly- well. That's it.

Hell. I might as well just get over myself and go with the beauty of the day, the sweetness of the boy and the baby, the miracle of finding an operable CD player, and even the fact that someone went out and yelled at those stupid dogs and they are no longer barking.
Make the bed, clean up the kitchen, fill up the chicken-waterer, trim some more dead plants, water the plants in the house and on the porch, go to the store, remember that I am but one human being in the eternal list of human beings dead or alive, eat some leftovers, celebrate Rebecca's retirement, the submission of Elizabeth's work in progress to a publisher, even the successful catch of a lizard by Jack, the ballswingin' cat.

And now there's a freaking cardinal, red as Satan's soul, atop the bird feeder. Prettiest thing you ever saw.

I give up.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You feel what you feel.........

    The problem is dealing with it eh?

  2. Bastard pretty day, throwing its damn niceness at you. Nerve of it. I suggest you throw off your clothes and run screaming round the garden for a while. Vent a bit.

  3. damn! time for some wrist slashing Mary Oliver!

  4. I too have woken up in the foulest and blackest mood! Why is it so ??? This mood too will pass. Let's hope quickly . I hope your mood dissipates and those frightful dreams as well. Sending you peace and a warm embrace x

  5. Oh, Magnolia ... trying SO HARD to get that eye open!! That is a sweet picture :)

  6. John Gray- So completely true. Thank you for understanding.

    Jo- Maybe it's time to drink gin from the bottle on my porch while wearing a slip and screaming at the passersby.

    Linda Sue- That was one of my favorite comments that I've ever gotten! I am serious. Thank you!

    Leisha- You're precious. I hope your mood lightened. Mine mostly did. But it seems to be plunging again. Oh well. It is what it is. I'll live through it.

    Big Mamabird- I know. I KNOW!

    Jenny_o- She is going to worship her big brothers. She is such a lucky girl.


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