Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Color As Distraction

Black and white make everything look so gloom-and-doomy, don't they?

Well, just as some days the world conspires to pull me up and out, there are other days in which it does not even try.

Or maybe it's just me because even this

Feels like this

on this heavy, gray day where even the birds and the chickens go about their serious business of eating silently. 

And the rain has begun. 


  1. I so get this. Today I am staying in bed. I've worked on a report, finished it last night and want to hide today. I re-looked at pictures of your babies from yesterday. I don't need more.

  2. There are some photographers who believe that the black and white is better, because it forces you to see line and shape rather than -- as you said -- the color of distraction. I've never bought that argument.

    And anyway, I know that's not your point. It sounds from your subsequent post like the color did return, and I'm happy about that!

  3. Sorry, the distraction of color, I meant.

  4. I find rain is perfect for days like this. This too will pass, which I know you know, but still. May the rain soothe your heart.


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