Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Can I Say?

The cousins. Maggie six weeks, August almost six months. Can you believe it? I got this picture in a text and I texted back, "When did his little legs get so long and straight?"Magnolia is still in her process of unfolding from the womb, stretching out day by day, learning to smile and coo, while August learns to crawl and make new noises every day. Yesterday he was making an almost-singing sound and we were all enchanted. Gibson rocked this car seat and talked to him and August responded with that song-voice and Gibson said, "Mer! He making that sound!" It is so lovely, watching these children interact, taking note of each other, the older boys being protective and loving and the babies responding.

Jessie and Vergil are leaving tonight to drive to Asheville to meet Vergil's sister's newest baby. A beautiful daughter who was born after one and one half hours of labor. They will only be gone for about four days but I am already feeling a bit bereft at the thought. Mr. Moon was too and stopped by there on his way home to get a little August time.

I am jealous but...only four days.
And tomorrow I will see Owen and Gibson and Mag-a-nol-i-a because they are all coming to supper.
They are bringing their parents and this supper will also be shared by...
I'll let you know tomorrow.
I'm so excited I can't even talk about it right now.

In the meantime, I have an eggplant parmesan in the oven and our friend Tom is here, watching a basketball game with Mr. Moon who always says that he doesn't like eggplant but when eggplant is sliced and oven-baked with parmesan and panko and then layered with sauce and mozzarella, he likes it just fine.

Oh. My tiny little world.
It is so huge to me. It is all my heart can hold. I know. I am repeating myself.

I'm old. Give me a break.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That's another darling picture, and my what long legs that August has! I guess he's like his mama and Boppa, right? I can't wait to hear about your surprise guests tomorrow. And damn, eggplant parmesan is my favorite. I wish I was your surprise guest!

  2. oh my! August is growing so fast it seems impossible! And blossoming. Could your guests be Lon and Lis? That is my suspicion but I will wait patiently........ yum, eggplant parmesan in ANY form or variation is wonderful!
    susan m

  3. Love those pictures - especially the one with Mr Moon kissing Gus and Gus looking up!

  4. The four days will pass quickly and in the meantime you will enjoy the other babies tomorrow with your surprise guest. Who could it be???? Your dinner sounds scrumptious!!

  5. This is such a precious thing, those cousins growing up so close. My cousins are perhaps my life's greatest gift, next to my husband and kids of course.

  6. And I gave an exciting guess about tomorrow's guests.

  7. Delicious food and darling people. August is so tall!

  8. Wow, Gus definitely looks like he's grown. It's amazing how fast kids change.

    I'm with Mr Moon on the eggplant -- or "aubergine," as they call it here. Not my favorite thing, but when it's a la parmesan it's hard not to like!


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