Monday, April 6, 2015

Yeah. Like That.

And within this picture you will find the entire story of my day.
(Can you believe how long those legs are getting?)


  1. A hard, good day it seems. Gibson is getting big as it should be. It all goes so fast, doesn't it? I hope the little ones gave you lots of good hugs and kisses and were as kind to you as Maurice was.

  2. I love grandchildren who leave a ring in the bathtub.

  3. Joanne- Exactly. And yes, my god, it does go by so fast. I got some sweetness from those boys. I did.

    Joanne- They're going to need bleach after that bath.

  4. Oh! I thought you meant you spent your day hanging on for dear life by a finger or two! :)

    That boy looks like he had a hella good day.

  5. What a wonderful childhood your grand boys having.

  6. Ack, Mary, I comment a lot more than my comments get through. I don't know why they disappear so often!

    but it's too late now,anyway.

    It's clearly just a day for dangling :)

  7. The ring around the bathtub. This reminds me that my mom would not clean the bottom three feet of all the windows the grandchildren messed up because it reminded her of them after they went home.


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