Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More News You Can Use Or Probably Not

I bought a new pair of men's black cargo shorts today which pretty much doubled my summer at-home-attire options. When my ex was here for Easter he and his wife and I were discussing clothing and how elastic waist pants just aren't as bad as we once thought they were. I extolled the comfort and utilitarianism of overalls and cargo pants, pointing out that I could get about half a dozen eggs in one pocket and enough greens to make a salad in the other of either garment.
For some reason my ex thought this was hysterical but I was being perfectly serious. Let us be practical.

Anyway, I went to town today and did some birthday shopping for Jessie. One is tempted to get her all baby-themed things but it is HER birthday and that child will be getting enough presents to fill a boat before he is born. So I tried to find things that would please her and I hope I did. I also got the cargo shorts for me and they are fine. I have indeed put eggs in a pocket and snow peas in another. I also pulled two carrots and some shallots for our supper. Oh, but it is an exciting life!
Another thing I bought was a Slip'n'Slide and I hope I don't regret that.

In political news, Justice Kennedy thinks that marriage has been defined the same way for "millennia." What fucking bullshit. That's all I have to say about that.

In Florida, the house Republicans decided they weren't getting their way and just shut the whole session down a few days early. Oh. Good idea, guys. You were doing such good work, trying to legislate what bathrooms people can use and requiring a twenty-four waiting period before a woman can get an abortion. Also, in Florida, this happened. 
It's not political news but it sure is Florida.

So there you go. Fashion advice, gift giving, AND politics. Just to round things off let's throw this in there.

Some of it's absurd and some of it's entirely true. But for a real laugh, don't skip the ad that comes on before it starts if it's the one about Florida politics.

Love ya!
Ms. Moon


  1. What a fine mama your Jessie will be. She learned from the best.

  2. One of my pet peeves about women's clothing is that we often don't get many pockets. Men's pants -- even dress pants -- always come with tons of deep pockets.

  3. God, I love those southern girl videos. I know all those ladies.

  4. Cargo pants make me look like I have a tic. I'm just patting myself all over looking for which pocket I put my lip gloss in.

  5. There was a programme on the BBC the other day, called "Sex and the Church" which should be required viewing. Not just in schools. For everyone. The whole thing got dissected and shown for the load of shite it all it. I just wish it hadn't all been prebaked into me by now. Throwing it off is hard work sometimes...

  6. "cargo shorts are out" the two younger pretty girls smugly said to me in the bar, and they continued, "do you even have any use for so many pockets?"
    I pulled out a Leatherman, a flashlight, my pocket knife, a beer coozie, wallet, phone, keys, lighter, and a merino wool knit hat.
    Bam, them gals were all smiles and giggles after that!

  7. since I don't carry a purse, good pockets on women's shorts and pants are essential. sometimes I have to shop in the men's department.

  8. I hadn't heard about that hand story! And of course it happened not only in Florida but in TAMPA -- the capital of weirdness in Florida.

  9. HOLY CRAP, the hand!!!!

    I had an incident once with an egg in my pocket, it put me off.

    The Republicans, I don't know, Mary, they just seem to have been retarded emotionally at a very early age and they're still throwing their toys out of the pram (as we say). The horrifying thing is the fact that they get elected to positions of power at all.

  10. I ended up watching several of the Southern Women episode. I like the one Southern Mama's saying, "Sister, I'm gonna wear you out"! I am going to say that to my daughter next time she huffs and rolls her eyes at me.

    Do southern women still wear panty hose? Do they even make panty hose anymore?

  11. congratulations again for your new grandson!

    i like cargo pants and shorts better for the same reasons.


  12. My favourite line was "I talked my lipstick off" ... my husband can relate :)

  13. Jeans are the staple of my wardrobe. My wife wishes it were otherwise sometimes. But I do clean up well.


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