Friday, April 10, 2015

Because It's Friday, It's My Blog

And I just fucking feel like it.

And speaking of the environment as we were yesterday....

Seriously, y'all. Let's do it for Keith.

The boys have gone home with their daddy for Super Dudes night, I'm checking out of Mer Mer mode, my old man's coming home and we are going to have martinis and PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!

Just as soon as I drink this shot of espresso I made in my Mickey Mouse jelly glass and tidy up the house from boy and dog play, clean up the bathroom where Gibson took a shower after having a monumental poop, and fold up the second of three loads of laundry I'm doing, it's going to be a gas. A Jumping Jack Flash of a gas. 
Trust me. 

Or, alternately, we'll have a martini on the porch and maybe walk around the yard, eat some leftovers and get to bed early because Boppy has to coach Owen's T-Ball team tomorrow morning.

I'm ready.
Bring it on.

So to speak.

Love...Ms. Moon, The Once Wild And Terrible, Now The Tame And Way Too Good


  1. It was looking pretty awesome and when you got to the part about Boppy coaching T-ball tomorrow it kind of pushed things over the edge to fucking awesome. As I am prone to say to you at times, ain't life grand?

  2. Brilliant. I'm imagining you both sitting sipping your martinis.

  3. I'll have what you're having -- as they say.

  4. I made 17 martinis today and put them in jam jars and locked them in my closet. We've got some overlap in our lives.

  5. Jill- We still manage a bit of wildness, the T-Ball coach and I, which is grand indeed!

    Mwa- We try to sip. Sometimes we slug.

    Angella- In my world, he is perfect as a warm-up.
    Does that sound wrong? La-di-dah.

    Elizabeth- When I wrote that, I'd had half a shot of espresso. Made in the Mickey Mouse jelly glass, of course.

    Denise- Haha! I like mine fresh, thank you.

  6. I would have one martini and it would either be lights out or dancing all night. Not sure which at the moment.


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