Monday, April 13, 2015

Joyful Days

For some bizarre reason, both Lily and Jessie got married on April 13. Lily in 2008 and Jessie in 2013.

So today is the anniversary of both of their marriages and I celebrate those unions. I could not ask for better sons-in-law than Jason and Vergil in this whole wide world. And Jason is absolutely the best daddy for my grandsons as he is the best husband for Lily. And I feel quite certain that Vergil is going to be one hell of a fantastic father too. And oh, how happy he makes Jessie!

It's funny. All of my kids are so very different and yet, at the core of them all is this pure light of love that they bring with them. And on their wedding days, both Jessie and Lily shone pure bright with it.

Happy days. Happy beginnings. 
May there be no end to their happiness. May there be no end to their love. 


  1. Happy Anniversary to both couples! Meanwhile, it is snakes alive around here today. One big black racer and another small rat snake while I was chasing the black one out of the yard with the hose. Too much nature. Gail

  2. Happy Anniversary to them all!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to both couples! You are right, they radiate happiness in those pictures.

  4. What an absolute joy! I didn't realize that Jessie's wedding was in April! I somehow had in my head that it was in summer--probably because the pictures were so midsummer nights' dreamy! We all feel like we are a part of the family and it amazes me how many of us were "there" for the water births and weddings, too. I love it all and wish your Lily, your Jason, your Jessie and your Vergil the happiest of anniversaries. Many, many more milestones shall come and we will all be here celebrating with you.

  5. Happy anniversary to all the beautiful kids - my family! They are so beautiful, Mary. I hope they have a wonderful day celebrating their love.

  6. This is indeed a blessed day. Please wish them all a happy anniversary for me, and joy, joy, joy.

  7. Gail- I hear you. You know I do.

    Catrina- Thank you!

    jenny_o- And they are still happy!

    gradydoctor- Thank you so much, sweet woman! Yep. You've been here for so many milestones, I've been with you through a few of yours, and it comforts and delights me that we go through these things together.

    Joanne- I think all of them had to work today but Lily and Jason got to go out on Saturday night to celebrate and Jessie and Vergil are taking a little trip up to Asheville this week.
    Yep. Your family too.

    Angella- I will! I feel as if you and I are the aunties of each other's children. In a way, maybe we are.

    Jo- Thanks, sugar!

    Denise- When it is sweet, it is the sweetest, isn't it?

  8. Happy Anniversary to them. I hope that they have many decades together.


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