Sunday, April 12, 2015


Okay- query:
Bar soap or body wash?
Do you use a washcloth?

I just wondered.
Me, I don't like body wash. I never feel like it rinses off entirely which makes me feel slightly icky.
No. I don't use a washcloth. I don't know why.

So yeah, I just took a shower because I spent most of the day in the garden and I was covered in mud. I used body wash because it wasn't my shower, but the little shower in the off-the-kitchen bathroom. Sometimes I use that because it takes approximately eight minutes for the water to get hot in my bathroom which is forty-five steps (I counted) from the hot water heater whereas the little shower is about three steps from the hot water heater so I feel like I am wasting so much less water when I use it. I need to put a bar of soap in there.

Another question:
Do you remember when I listened to the first two Game of Thrones books and then put the third on reserve at the library? Well, that was about a year ago, I think. I finally got a notice that it was my turn and so I went and picked it up. "A Storm of Swords" is the title.
Thirty-nine discs, people.
So I listened to a few of those today and of course I've forgotten everything. I mean, not really everything, everything but a lot. Martin does a pretty good job of doing backstory but hell, Martha! There must be four thousand characters involved.
Oh well. I will persevere.
I did some weeding, a little mulching, and planted some zinnias. Why did that take all day?
I have no idea. It just did. I pulled some of the mustards although I should have pulled them all but I just couldn't. I snapped the bolt stems off and I'm going to hope for a few more weeks of them, just as I am doing with the collards. I'll probably still be listening to "Storm of Swords" when the cucumbers are ripe. Jeez.

Third question:
Do you remember when I burned my finger a few weeks ago? And I didn't even post a picture because it was so yucky and gross?
It's almost completely healed. I don't even think I'm going to have a scar. Gibson keeps saying, "Where you boo-boo?"
"It's healed up," I tell him.
The body is amazing.
Gibson is learning the uses of the word "up" and let's face it- it can be confusing. The bubbles go up. The wound heals up. The other day before we went to lunch at China First, he told me that his tummy was going to go "up." He demonstrated by sticking it out. After he ate a few bites he said, "See Mer? My tummy is up now."
And he poked it out again.
"Yes," I said. "You are filling your tummy up."
And we all proceeded to fill our tummies up. China First cracks me up. They have EVERYTHING. From your standard faux Chinese dishes like egg rolls and wontons and sweet and sour chicken and cashew chicken and Kung Pau chicken and Owen's favorite which is chicken-on-a-stick, they also have sushi and macaroni salad. Dude! Macaroni salad! And something they call "roasted broccoli" but it sure looks just like good ol' southern broccoli and cheese casserole to me.
And jello cubes. Owen and Gibson aren't very well acquainted with jello. Gibson spent about ten minutes bouncing the cubes in his hand going, "Bounce, bounce, bounce..."
Owen, on the other hand, likes to put a cube or two in his mouth and suck on them for a moment and then spit them out.
"Don't play with your food," said Boppy, who was dining with us.
Haha! I love watching children play with food, especially jello. Okay, maybe it's just that I love to watch my grandchildren playing with food. I don't recall being as amused when my own kids did it. I will never forget when I took them and some friends once to Morrison's Cafeteria (and oh, how I grieve the passing of Morrison's Cafeteria!) and they all started sucking up their jello through straws. I believe I told them firmly to STOP THAT! but I still remember it and it gives me a giggle.
I'd give fifteen dollars for some of Morrison's Cafeteria's rare roast beef with roasted potatoes. Right this second. Or their trout almondine. They had the best tartar sauce in the world.
Be still my hungry heart.

Instead, I am going to make pizza tonight. Mr. Moon has spent all day painting again and we've gone through most of the leftovers so I thought it would be fun to make pizzas.

Last question:
Do I talk about food too much?


Okay. Do you have any questions for me?
If so, ask away. I'd say nothing is too personal but that would be a big fat lie.
Also feel free to give me answers. I could use a few.

Love you. Mean it.
Ms. Moon


  1. I use both bar soap and body wash. If I want to feel clean I use soap. And I always use a wash cloth. Not only that, I will only use the cloth once or twice then it goes into the wash.

    I do remember your finger and I am glad it has healed nicely.

    I think about food way too much.

  2. I use bar soap because when I use body wash (or Bath 'n Body's Amber shower gel...YUMMM!), I tend to slop it all over the place. I also use a wash cloth...well, actually two. One for my face and one for the rest of me. I have a little phobia about bar soap. I can't rub it between my two bare hands. Must have a wash cloth in one hand or it can't be done. I've also been known to take a shower to get clean, then run bath water and soak in a little of the aforementioned shower gel that I squirted (or slopped) into the water. Luckily, our water stays nice and warm most of the time.

  3. Oh,,and here's the answer: 63. now, just figure out the question. LOL

  4. I use Dr. Brother's pure peppermint oil soap have used it since 1970. Buy it by the gallon.

    What would happen if you stopped cooking for a week?


  5. Birdie- I wash my dish rags obsessively. In bleach. Is there any such thing as thinking about food too much?

    Catrina- Oh my god! That is so interesting! I wonder why you can't rub the bar soap between two hands? And two separate washcloths? I am so glad I asked this question.
    63? I have no idea. Is that your age?

    Rebecca- I use Dr. Bronners to wash my face and as hand soap in the kitchen and bathroom. Always. Sometimes peppermint, sometimes almond, sometimes the lavender. I was a late-comer to it. Didn't discover it until 1972. Don't even bother trying the rose-scented hemp formula. It's nasty smelling.

  6. How can anyone talk about food too much??

    I have two wee bottles of Dr Bronner's that were half price, haven't bought it before as it's expensive here. And I am cheap :) Am now glad I didn't get the rose one. Plain and almond, thank you.

    But, in the shower, bar soap (healthy, home madey, lavender or citrus ones) and no washcloth. Washcloths are for faces or the bath :) I mean, other places while in the bath, not for cleaning the tub ;)

  7. I hate weird things that replace perfectly fine things that don't need replacing. Body wash. Soap. Soap is amazing.
    xo Love your musings. I remember the jello though the straw days.

  8. Bar soap, absolutely. I cannot stand body wash for the same reason you said (it never fully rinses off, dammit!).

    And no washcloths. Unless I have to take a bucket shower with a little scoop for water because I'm someplace with no running water. I take a mean bucket shower, very frugal and effective. I do use washcloths to wash my face sometimes, but mostly I use them to wipe off the countertop because I cannot stand water left behind and I am apparently the messiest handwasher in the history of the world.

  9. Ivory soap. Can't stand the smell of anything else on my body. (Don't much care for perfume on anyone else, either, but I absolutely can't tolerate any scent that lingers on me.)

    Wash cloth. Always. I have some hand knit cotton ones that are great to scrub with.

    It's been a long time since I've been to the south east. Morrison's is gone? Noooo!

  10. Bar soap is best. I feel like I don't get clean with body wash and I have to use a washcloth so I can scrub. I love to hear about food because food is wonderful. 39 discs is insane! I am listening to The Thirteenth Tale and it is only 16 discs and that feels like a lot. I only listen in the car while driving back and forth to work so it's taking forever. It's such a good story though.

  11. Bronners auto-corrected itself bah I use peppermint almond and rarely but sometimes the baby soap es in winter



  12. Bar soap for me, except the hand washing, that gets done with watered down dr bronner's lavender in a pump bottle...The soap has to be very very mild though I do enjoy a good scent, just not too fragrance-y if you know what I mean, I never ever get soap from the supermarket or drug store. I have about 50 washcloths that get cycled through regularly for faces, body scrubbing and sink quickies (pits tits and bum, as my Irish friend always said!). My whites get some serious laundering too! Food is a never ending thing of interest for me. I am currently looking for a ceramic coated electric waffle iron. I am hopeful...

  13. You asked for an answer and I gave you 63. The question is what is 9 x 7 (the one multiplication table I can't seem to remember). 😉

  14. Bar soap. Dove. I use to use Anthropologie or Trader Joe's cause I liked the scents but they dried my skin. No washcloths. I love your food talk so it's not too much for me. I remember your burn and am glad it's gone. Jello thru a straw sounds fun, must try. A question: what shampoo do you use?

  15. Unscented bar soap in the shower with a facecloth, and liquid soap in the kitchen because it's easier to use. I do remember all those things, and I never tire of reading your thoughts on food. I am fascinated by your "beans and greens" meals. It sounds very healthy. Maybe you have already covered this question in another post somewhere, but I will ask anyway since you invited questions: how do you cook your beans?

  16. Oh, dear Lord -- Morrison's! I LOVED that place as a kid. Remember the guy at the end of the line who just said, over and over and over, "Bread, ma'am? Bread ma'am? Bread, ma'am?" and dropped a roll on your tray?

    Dang. I want to go back to Morrison's and eat some chicken and greens and macaroni and cheese and pie.

  17. My question is, am I a slacker? You apparently wash your bedding 5 times to my once. I enjoy telling myself I would wash them more often if I had a clothesline to capture that sunny smell. But that's just my excuse!
    Second question is, you are on a desert island and could choose only one meal until you are rescued. What would it be? Love to you!

  18. Bar soap, no washcloth, I thought I was the only no washcloth person. Morrison's is my first memory of going out to eat, happy memories before my Dad died. Gail

  19. bar soap (homemade goat's milk soap) and no washcloth, hands only unless my feet are really really dirty.

    no, but I did read them, all of them had been published so I read them one after another. still it was hard to keep up with the characters.

    yes, I remember. and yah, bodies are amazing things.

  20. Jo- I love citrus-smelling soaps too. And almond. With the Dr. Bronner's, it ain't kidding when they say on the label, "dilute! dilute!" I do and a bottle lasts forever.

    Denise- I'm with you. WTF on body wash?

    NOLA- That's me too with the washcloth used to wipe up water! Every time I use the sink.

    Portia- Morrison's has been gone for a very long time. Sob!
    I like fragrance. If it's a fragrance I like!

    Kelly- When I'm listening to a good book, I get a lot more house and yard-work done because that's when I listen. It's a win-win.

    Rebecca- I've never tried the baby soap. I think I would like that though. And I know that you too dilute! dilute!

    Big Mamabird- I cannot believe how similar some of y'all's bathing rituals are to mine. And I wash the hell out of whites too. Bleach is my friend.

    Catrina- You know what? I can always remember that one too! Weird.

    Joanne- I like Dove soap too. I use John Frieda shampoo and conditioner. I am a faithful and satisfied customer.

    jenny_o- It depends on what kind of beans I am cooking as to how I cook them. My favorite beans are pintos and I cook them (usually) with nothing but water, salt, pepper, and a little olive oil.

    Elizabeth- Yes! I do remember! And remember how the desserts came in the line right after the salads? I loved their custard pie. And their jalapeno/cheese cornbread. What a great place that was. And very reasonably priced, too.

    suz- I just like having clean sheets. For me that's a very simple luxury.
    One meal? That's so hard to choose. I might just want a bowl of pinto beans and some cornbread. Seriously. I do love beans.
    L:ove back to you!

    Gail- Nope. Not the only no washcloth girl! Morrisons was a great place to take a family to eat. Remember waiting in line? The smell of those clean trays?

    Ellen Abbott- Glad to know I'm not the only one who needs a damn chart to keep these characters straight.
    And I am exactly with you on the washcloth if my feet are very, very dirty. Which they usually are but I usually just don't care.

  21. Yes! Morrison's! That place was AWESOME. I liked Piccadilly too.

    I am definitely a bar soap kind of guy. I do use a washcloth but I spurn all other lotions and "products" except the very basic -- toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream. (It helps that I don't have any hair!)

  22. Bar soap (Lever 2000) no washcloth but sometimes a loofah is used. No you don't talk about food too much.

  23. Steve's Piccadilly reminds me of an elderly man I knew who would say Piccadilly as two words and then put the classic "er" at the end: Pick. Adiller. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

    Glad your boo boo went bye bye.

  24. No washcloth here. I use Softsoap soothing aloe vera (liquid) hand soap - and not just on my hands :)

  25. Steve Reed- I don't use much "product" either. Nothing in my hair after I shampoo and cream rinse it. Face cream because I'm a woman. I buy this awesome body cream in the "ethnic" section of Winn Dixie that smells wonderful and goes right into the skin and really helps in winter. And it's cheap.
    Yeah- and wasn't Picadilly's almost exactly like Morrisons? I never understood that change over.

    Jill- I'm glad I don't talk about food too much. Loofahs are great. Kathleen used to make soap with sections of sliced loofah in the bars. They were wonderful. Of course, she grew her loofahs, too.

    Nancy- I love that! I wish it were still around so I could say, "Let's go to Pick Adiller!"

    Stephanie- I buy Softsoap (but never the antibacterial) when it goes on sale for a buck. I use that in the kitchen and the bathroom off the kitchen at the sinks sometimes.

  26. I agree about never getting the antibacterial. Not only do I find antibacterial unnecessary, it makes my eczema damn near intolerable.

  27. I use shower gel, but the non soap kind, and definitely never anything antibacterial. I only used washcloths when I feel particularly dirty. A sexologist (or something) once said on TV that people should be able to put their hands anywhere on their own bodies, and the best place to start was in the shower. Ha!


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