Sunday, April 26, 2015

Next Lifetime: I Just Want To Sing

I doubt I've ever seen Lon and Lis do a better set.
And then these people showed up and blew my mind too.

And then I saw the Sarah Mac Band.

Lord, Child.

Sometimes it's really worth it to put on a bosom binding garment and go out into the world.
Thank you, Lon and Lis for making me leave my house and go to the Opera House.  You filled my soul and then these other musicians topped me off.

I'm thinking a lot about magic.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. amazing talents, thank you for the introduction, I am going to see if I can purchase them on amazon... what a wonderful evening you must have had all together, a night of real music.. J

  2. Yes to the bosom holding device and the worth of going out!!! Hear, hear!

  3. I'm catching up on lots of your posts today. My mama used to sing to me that song the Sarah Mac band is singing. Thank you for that memory. I'm so glad Mr. Moon got that snake finally. My daughter and I swooned over the mama chicken and her chicks. So, so cute. Did you ever get a hold of your neighbor about them?

  4. I'm thinking a lot about other lifetimes this morning, too. And the real beauty everywhere in this one.

  5. Janzi- Oh! It was!

    Mwa- I should trademark that phrase.

    Kelly- Yes, I did talk to my neighbor. Her husband has been in the hospital and she doesn't need to be worrying about baby chicks so I will take care of them for now.

    Angella- Yes. Exactly.

  6. Man, that's some good sounding music. I miss hearing bands like that -- which I did all the time when I lived in Nashville. Going to hear live music here in Los Angeles takes some girding of the loins in addition to the bosom-binding garment.


  8. Elizabeth- It was just simply celestial. I swear. I loved the "girding of loins" part. For me too, even here in little ol' Jefferson County, Florida.

    Birdie- Yes. Everybody needs to sing! Beautiful!

  9. Everyone is needing a bit of magic in these troubled times. I have been busy and happy. Trying to catch up here.


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