Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Finest Kind Of Day

Today is going to be a most special day. For one thing, I have to buy new sheets. I feel guilty about this. My mother would have just gotten out the sewing machine and stitched that rip up so good that in a hundred years, that stitching would be the only thing left of the sheets.
Me? I'm going to buy new ones.
Stitching sheets is, as our president might say, isn't on my bucket list but it's on my list that rhymes with bucket.
Did you see this?

Dear god, how I love that man.

Okay. So. Back to my exciting day. Buying new sheets.
Also- we are going to Japanica! Look, y'all. All joking aside, I am CRAVING the curry bento box at Japanica. Hank and Lily and Mr. Moon and the boys and Jessie and I are all going. So that's super exciting.

But. After lunch, Jessie and her daddy and her husband and I are going to go to an ultrasound appointment to see our little baby bean. Jessie and Vergil decided that they would get one ultrasound and if all looks good, that will be that. There are a few things their midwife likes to make sure of via ultrasound (although she is fine with people NOT getting them too) and today is the day.
And they want to know whether they have a boy baby or a girl baby and so we'll be finding that out too if this child-to-be doesn't get all shy on us.

And that- the opportunity to go with them to witness this moment is absolutely thrilling to me. Jessie's birthday is on Friday and I remember that day like it was...well, still happening. The same sort of day as today- drizzly and cool- and I labored at home and Mr. Moon and I took walks in the drizzle and he picked me magnolias and finally, around five o'clock in the afternoon, she was born and there was such huge excitement and joy and celebration and a rainbow in the sky and all of my brothers were there and Hank and May and Lily, and other loved ones as well and somewhere, in another parallel universe, that is still happening and yet, in this universe which I suppose I am choosing to call reality, she is a grown woman and is going to have her own baby in such a short time and today we get a tiny peek at that child, which she and Vergil have created.


What a day.

I'll be reporting in later.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. No guilt allowed! Enjoy buying new sheets - think of how lovely they're going to feel!

    And enjoy that glimpse of your new grandchild-in-progress even more.

  2. That does sound like the best day! I LOVE the ultrasound where you see if it's a boy or a girl. The excitement of the penis, or the excitement of the no penis! (Tee-hee.)

  3. Exciting exciting! Oh, I loved seeing my son on the ultrasound 8 years ago. It was so much clearer than it hand been four years before that when we had our daughter, there was something magical about that day. And we found out he was a boy, though that wasn't the best of it all, it was just so... wonderful.

    Have fun with all of it xxx

  4. I love your labour story. How beautiful. Did you happen to keep those magnolias?

  5. Its such fun going with you on your journeys with your family through this blog.... the latest event of a scan will be utterly magical as I know you know. and there is nothing to beat the fact that your baby girl is going to have a baby herself.. wonderful, and just how life should go on.. hugs from over here to you over there. J

  6. How exciting! New sheets and a baby on the way!

  7. How Exciting! The baby--not the new sheets. Well, I guess new sheets nice...but A BABY!!!!!!!!

  8. It's cool that you can reflect on the birth of your own children as you prepare for the birth of this one. :)

    Stitching up sheets...no. That went out with darning socks.

  9. I can remember my grandmother using flour sacks for pillow cases. I still have some of those. And the bedspreads my mother crocheted are still here.


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