Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hippie Jesus was at the Post Office today and the way he walked reminded me of a dear friend of mine, the rise up on the balls of the feet, the little bounce before the coming down. Hippie Jesus, hello on this good day where the sun is shining but the air is cool and it felt so good walking, I was strong and finished up fast, fast, fast, grateful to feel strong, grateful to be able to walk the miles and there were path ponds from all the rain and every green thing is as green as the first fern, jutting from a new-made planet, there are shadows, there is light.

Soon there will be boys here and they will call Mer! Mer! and I wonder what we shall do today. Be glad of this sun, be glad of this day. Be glad of this birdsong, roostercrow, green-as-the-eyes-of-the-Irish-boy, breeze-kissing day of a day in April when the storm, for now, has passed and these feet, my feet, still stride and I feel strong and I wonder if I rise up on these feet to bounce into the next step like hippie Jesus.
I do not know.
But I am grateful.


  1. It is indeed a blessing to walk fast and strong. I think we take it for granted until its not a given anymore.

    I'm grateful too.

  2. Your post sounds spring like and joyful - great to read.

  3. I love that feeling - feeling strong and grateful to walk. :D

  4. John Gray- I know you are.

    Angella- Exactly and so very true.

    Mwa- Yes!

    Jenny Woolf- Thank you, dear traveler!

    Stephanie- Somedays it is just there and those are the best, good days.


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