Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's Just Not Mince Words

It's drizzling again and today was the day I was going to Apalachicola but I am staying right here. Mr. Moon's sister has some sort of a stomach bug and I would not be of any help in that situation and so I will spend time today pulling some of the Virginia Creeper that's taking over the yard, which I have been meaning to get to for a long time.

The existential angst of life has overwhelmed me again and I feel heavy in body and in soul. A day to wonder why I even try- there is absolutely nothing I can do to stave off the inevitable chaos of it all.

Maurice naps on the table and her thoughts, if she has any at all beyond sleepy half dreams of chasing squirrels and lizards, probably center on why her human is such an asshole.

A good day to get dirty, to listen to Storm of Swords. Amazingly, as the book goes on, I find I do remember who people are. Not all of them and I could never name them but many. Most. A tribute to George R.R. Martin's writing and certainly not to my memory.

One of the ducks laid an egg with a little blood on it this morning and then I noticed as she ran to shovel in Luna's food in the pump house that she had a string of bloody mucous coming from her butt. I hope it's nothing but a little extra straining she had to do today. I am not up to any more poultry problems. Especially ones that involve blood out the ass.

Somewhere, someone is dancing in Paris.

Not me, baby.
Not me.


  1. Oh man. So someone seems to have thought it would be good to give you a side of bleeding duck butt on top of the angst today? Delightful.

    Go to bed, pull the covers over your head, and don't get up til Monday :)

  2. A day to stay put and stay quiet if there ever was one. Sending love, dear friend.

  3. Just remember that in Paris the menfolk urinate by the side of the street without even trying to hide it, and everyone still smokes!

    I hope the dreariness lifts as you make your way through the day.

  4. To have the life of a house cat.... Maybe that is Nirvana?

  5. When I use, it shows the temperature of Paris, France, in a corner of the screen. I suppose is could be changed to Peninsula, Ohio, but it makes me smile to know the sun is shining in Paris.

  6. I am sorry that you have to go through this again and I hope that spring with all its balmy air will sooth your spirits.

  7. life is chaos. one has to be a fucking chameleon and be quick about it while you're at it. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride comes to mind. but yah, icky duck butts. who needs that?

  8. Let's not mince words. Life if a one way street to death. You know it. I know it. But in between there is....eating lizards if you're Maurice, and dinner with friends, and digging in the dirt, and drinking and loving, and soooo much more if you're you or me. Stay the course, Mrs. Moon. Let's hang on and let's meet in person on this sweet earth one day.
    Meanwhile, dear god of ducks, please, you cruel and benevolent deity, guide and protect the poultry.

  9. I'm loving the comments today, Ms. Moon, even as I am sad to hear of your angst. I'm thinking that they've cheered you up as well!

    Here's to all of us meeting one day --

  10. Jo- Ah, life. What chu gonna do? I am very proud that I stayed out of bed today and got in the dirt. It was just what this old girl needed.
    Not to say I'm not looking forward to going to bed. Although the dreams. God. The damn dreams.

    Angella- THAT I did. And it was perfect. Thank you, love.

    Jenny_o- And that is wrong how? Haha!

    Birdie- If reincarnation is real, I would very much love to come back as a house cat.

    Joanne- And that made me smile.

    Sabine- We've passed pretty much right through balmy and have gone right into sweltering. Although with the rain today, it has not been so bad.

    Ellen Abbott- I will never forgive Disney World for getting rid of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It was my favorite. Beep-beep!

    Denise- Yes m'am and truer words were never spoken. I adore you.

    Elizabeth- It has turned out to be a good day. I feel as if we have met. I feel as if I know you as well as I know a whole lot of people I know in the "meat world" as Rebecca might say. But yeah- maybe one day we'll all come together. And oh, how we will laugh!

  11. I am hoping that there will be no duck drama or any other drama going on for you. It has been a bit of a dismal day here with much running around. I would rather have been at home.

  12. Poor duck! I am SO glad I do not lay eggs.

  13. "Why her human is such an asshole" - made me laugh a lot. I am also an asshole human.


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