Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Do You Think About This?

And let me be understood. I think that everything he is saying here is exactly true. I can find no point of disagreement.
I just wonder if it's legit. In one of the few interviews I've been able to find, he admits that "Dixon White" is a pseudonym and a good one for this character. And I want to believe that he IS speaking from his heart. The cynic in me wonders though...what is going on here?
I want him to be true. Not just a character.
Do any of you know any more background? I've heard he's an actor and a writer as well. Which is fine. He is using his talents for good. That I believe.
Still. I'm just not exactly sure what to think.


  1. He is right. The privileges that we have, just because of the colour of our skin. We didn't do anything to deserve those privileges than be born with white skin. Can people not understand that? Apparently not. Good for him for speaking out.

  2. very perceptive. he's right. us while folk have all the advantages. and it is cultural and systemic and won't change until people speak up when they see it.

  3. His message is dead to rights. I wonder about him, and the character he portrays. I'll be interested in knowing his bona fides. Beside being white.

  4. The information you added, Mary, does make it more interesting. But does it matter that much if he is an actor? Many times people are influenced by actors playing a role, even when they know it's a role. Kids find heroes at the movies. Heck, adults find heroes at the movies. The message is good. Does it matter who brings it?

  5. I heard about this video but hadn't yet watched it. I'd felt no push to seek it out because I knew he wasn't talking to me. But since you posted it, I decided to watch, and everything he says is true. Why is he saying it? Is it performance art of a socio-political nature? I don't know and don't really care. I just hope he opens some eyes. Curiously, the part of what he says that pierced me most was when talked about living in rural America and how black folks wouldn't risk driving through the part of the country where he lives. This bothers me as a black person no end---the fact that I and my children cannot simply pick up and drive wherever we want without first doing the calculus of the racial attitudes we are likely to encounter and how dangerous or benign they might be. We talk about racist police action but we never talk about the invisible walls black folks have break down day after day after day. So I'm not mad at this video. I hope somebody listens to him but I fear he may be preaching to the choir. Thanks for posting!

  6. Thank you. I have someone I want to show this to.

  7. I just posted it, too! So I was very confused when i came over here and saw the same video.

    And this is the day of our mind meld. It started with bar soap sans washcloth and arcs over to a redneck saying things we agree about but don't know the background to.

  8. I think that he says what I have often felt. I wonder what opened his eyes to give him the epiphany of which he speaks. And I so agree that each of us needs to speak up when we are confronted with racism.

  9. I saw this and thought that regardless of the origin of it, it was brave. If he's an actor, he did a pretty good job.

  10. jenny_o- And that fact has always struck me since childhood. Born white? From birth you are privileged. Born black? Not so much.

    Ellen Abbott- Exactly.

    Joanne- I feel we will be hearing more about him.

    jenny_o- No, it does not.

    Angella- One of the things I find most interesting about this video is how much he packs into five minutes in his redneck rambling way. It sort of blows my mind. He gets to points that absolutely need to be talked about and realized and admitted to by white people. It goes deep on all levels, doesn't it? Deeper than most of us here in our white skins would ever realize.

    Stephanie- I hope that someone hears what he's saying.

    NOLA- Great minds, etc...

    Syd- You're right, of course.

    Gradydoctor- And I had that same thought. If he is an actor, he is a very fine one.

  11. Hey hey, I just googled and found this, don't know if it's legit or not. https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/redneck-dixon-white-video-is-a-promotional-trick-created-by-a-would-be-actor-and-director/

  12. I thought the repetitive part of "don't get defensive" was extremely effective and would probably even influence my sons who recently heard the n-word uttered by a friend of my parents in South Carolina. They were extremely uncomfortable yet didn't have the "courage" or whatever it takes to tell him to STFU. I spent a good amount of time talking to them about this, how I expect them to object whenever they hear it and how important it is to always, always stand up for what's right.


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