Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's Be Honest

I am destroying the environment. Yep. Me. Right now.
I have the air conditioner on which is bad enough. But do you know why I am running the AC? Because the house is really warm due to the fact that I am baking a pie.
This makes no sense.
Does it help to know that in a little while I'll be baking sweet potatoes?
No. It does not.

I feel so guilty. Jesus. But let me ask you this- if all we should eat in the summer are salads, why do all the lettuces and greens go to seed just as it gets warm? At least here in Florida, which, let's face it- may truly and really be Bizarro World and should you doubt that, just google "Florida man" as I have suggested before.

Did you see this?

That, my loves, is a picture of a bobcat which caught a shark in the surf at the Sebastian Inlet State Park which is my old childhood stomping grounds. We used to go there before it was a park, before there were people living there and I, an eight-year old, would walk on the beach by myself for long distances. Not that I think a bobcat would have come after me. But oh yeah, we did swim there a lot too.


Okay. How did I get from destroying the environment to this?

Don't know. And yet, I have. 

Anyway, I am making a pie because Jessie and Vergil are coming out. They are spending the night so that they can get up at the crack of dawn and drive Mr. Moon's truck down to Tampa to pick up their kitchen cabinets. I think. So it's their fault I am destroying the environment. 

That is so not true. It's because I'm a wuss and wanted the AC on and I'm selfish. 
And which is why my grandchildren will not have the world I live in when they are grown. 

Of course, I wouldn't have thought there would be bobcats coming out of the jungle to snag sharks from the Atlantic in 2015 so there you go.
Which is a form of stupid thinking and also denial and may I add- thank god for the parks system. 

So I had lunch today with Mr. Moon and Lily and Gibson and Owen. He is proud of/hates his boot. It is hot. The sock is hot. The boot is hot. Together they are really hot. But he is sort of proud of it. For what it cost even with insurance, Lily may make him wear it for the rest of his life. 

That's all I have to say except that today at the library a very dapper older man said to me, "I like your gray hair."
I was wearing it down because when I went to town it was so wet from sweat from my walk (not kidding you and gross, huh?) and I didn't quite know what to say so I said, "Thank you!"
And then he said, "That is very attractive to me."

I almost blushed and it was not one bit creepy or weird. 

As I told a friend, that was the nicest compliment I've gotten in forever. Then I added that it was probably the only compliment I've gotten in forever.

Okay, seriously. That really is all I have to say. 

I'm going to go make squash croquettes. In the air conditioning. 

Love..Ms. Moon, Destroyer of the Environment


  1. It was hot enough to have the air conditioning on here today, but I refuse to run the air conditioner in April, it needs to cool off.

  2. That was a good compliment! I destroy the environment, too - but the other way, with my completely unnecessary bum heater in the car. I should just wear a bigger coat.

  3. Dear Environment Destroyer,
    Please save the condensation drips from your AC and send them to me in California.
    And that man who likes gray hair.

    P.S. I destroy the environment by using paper towels. I've tried to give them up, but I just can't. Where can I go for help?

  4. Gosh yes I'm with Denise. I use a shameful amount of paper towels. I just can't stop.

    I saw a woman today with chic gray hair and I thought I hope mine looks just like that some day. Now I wish I had told her so.

  5. I was just north of there visiting relatives past few days. There is also a photo of three bobcats on the wood stairs going down to beach. Two are gazing at the waves.
    Michele r

  6. We destroy the environment by using electric heat all winter - electricity that's generated by coal-burning power plants. Can't get much worse than that. But we can't freeze, either. In places with extreme weather, what are we to do? Sometimes feeling guilty is the best we can do ...

    How lovely to get a compliment like that! And there you go - by choosing not to use hair dye, you are helping the environment. I've made that choice also.

  7. We're all destroying the environment.

    And if you send that man who likes gray hair out here, Denise and I will have to fight over him. Or perhaps he'll prefer her because I only have a patch.

  8. Wow, what a nice thing for him to have said!

  9. I don't know. That sounds a little creepy to me. Maybe you had to be there. I'm glad you took it well, at any rate!

    That bobcat picture is so crazy! As for destroying the environment, well, as Elizabeth said, we're all doing our part.

  10. I'm about to go get in my car, and then come home with some barbeque coals, so I'll be destroying it along with you. Oh, and I'm online right now, and Google is saving this comment in one of its giant cloud farms... it's all gone to hell. Not a huge amount we can do, really.

  11. Squash croquettes? How do you make those ~ I want some!!!

  12. Mac'n Janet- I can deal with the heat all through the day. Comes late afternoon and I'm done dealing.

    Mwa- I doubt that bum heater takes much energy. What a lovely thing to have!

    Denise- He did seem like the nicest man. And he was there to see one of the librarians. He had something to show her and I was so curious as to what they were talking about but could not hear them.
    Paper towels- I could not live without Viva Pic-A-Size. At least they come from renewable resources. Trust me. I am surrounded by pine tree farms.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I think the older we get, the more apt we are to just give people the compliments we feel they deserve. That is one nice thing about getting older.

    Michele R- I saw that picture too! Isn't it beautiful?

    jenny_o- I'm not sure how much of the environment I am saving by not dying my hair but it sure is less of a hassle.

    Elizabeth- One never knows. He certainly seemed like a gentleman. And was dapper!

    e- Right? I thought so.

    Steve Reed- Trust me. I KNOW creepy and this was not. Yes, we are all destroying the environment. We simply are.

    Jo- I hear you. It's so overwhelmingly depressing, isn't it?

    Lulumarie- Steam squash and onions until tender. Drain them well, smash them up. Add egg and salt and pepper and oregano and smashed up saltines to a consistency you can make a patty out of. Coat them with corn meal. You can fry them or bake them. They taste good with ketchup.

  13. I really don't think you need to worry about your air conditioning. Pepsi. Monsanto and Nestle (to name a few) are ruining our planet. If every household in North America ran air conditioners it would be nothing compared to what those companies are doing.

  14. Birdie- I wish that were more comforting.

  15. Oh. I had a male client say this to me the other day...

    "If someone told me two years ago that I would be incontinent of urine and I would have a pretty young woman coming in to bathe me I never would have believed it."

    It sounds perverted but he didn't mean that at all. He was quite gentlemanly. I took it a a lovely compliment.

  16. Birdie- I hear you, girl. I hear you.

  17. I win the destroying the environment contest because in winter our apartment is so overheated that it isn't enough to throw open the windows, we sometimes turn on the AC.

  18. Thanks ~ can't wait to make those squash croquettes!

  19. So many ways that I am a waster of the environment. Just driving a vehicle is the number one thing. And using AC both in the car and the house would be the second major thing. Heck living in a house would be another one. Anyway, I could go on and on.


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