Sunday, April 5, 2015

We Go On

Well, here we are.
Another Easter.
My eyes ache, I am cooking a pot of greens that wouldn't fit in a Volkswagen's bonnet.
I made the cake last night. The ham is in the oven. The bread is "rising." In theory.
I'd make some sort of joke about bread rising and Jesus rising but I'm not up to it.
Looking at the cake I made last night I will tell you that baking with a heavy heart makes a heavy cake.

Anyway, la-di-dah and may all be well with you and yours.
Let's hug and kiss and tell each other we love each other.

That and eat greens and eggs.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm feeling the same as you this morning. It started off that I got a little sad because our grandkids are all too old for the egg hunt we've had for the last 18 years. Then while we were celebrating our granddaughter's 18th birthday Friday night, her Grandma (my hubby's ex-wife) died of a sudden heart attack. 61 years old! Today my kids and grandkids (12 in all) and the rest of our guests will sit down to what I predict will be a somber dinner. I made a corn and cream cheese dish that is a favorite of our grandkids (that she made for them) in her memory. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but it's the best I can do.

  2. If I were there, I'd throw my arms around you and plant one on ya!

  3. We got two more inches of the white stuff last night. My son said we should dye eggs even though we wouldn't have an egg hunt. So we dyed eggs this morning, and he shared his chocolate bunny with me. We will have egg salad for days, he dyed 18 eggs...

  4. It doesn't feel like Easter here as I am all alone, no family around, no ham to make, no chocolate to hide/steal.
    It's depressing as fuck!
    Good thing the sun is shining.
    Love to you and yours.

  5. Sending love and sweet wishes to you and your family. I am sorry for your heavy heart. I hope your cake, heavy perhaps, is tasty. Those British pastry judges' voices are in my head.

  6. Just wanted to say I'm here. I don't really have a comment. x

  7. I just read the post about your dear friend Brian. I'm so very sorry. You are in my heart today. Sending love.

  8. We didn't celebrate Easter doing anything special or cooking anything special. We had left over Thai curry chicken and a salad. Very un Eastery. And we worked in the garden and in the various beds. I went to the gym and worked out. It was a good day. Just peaceful and with a nap thrown in too.


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