Saturday, April 18, 2015

If Life Is But A Dream, My Life Sucks

Newest twist on I-have-to-clean-this-filthy-house-and-take-care-of-everyone-dream:

I'm teaching school! And my classroom is a complete mess. And the kids live in it and they share bathrooms which are disgusting and of course, I have to feed the children too.

Just for good measure, my mother was in there.

I don't recall getting a lot of teaching done in this dream.

I swear to you, I think I am going mad.


  1. Ah, anxiety dreams. Often there are snakes in mine.

  2. Ah - the classroom nightmare.
    I'm in my fourth year of retirement from teaching and still get them. Standard elements:
    The kids won't behave
    I'm unprepared
    I can't find the room
    I also can't find a useable bathroom. (This one occurs based on the condition of my bladder.)

  3. Well here is hoping you have much better dreams.

  4. I was a pharmacist in my pre-retirement life and I am wondering if you are on any medications that may be causing vivid, unpleasant dreams. Benzodiazepines are notorious for this. My daughter had nightmares any time she was on decongestant/antihistamines.

  5. For YEARS I dreamed I was in the basement of my parents' home. The room was lined with benches, and there were hamster cages on the benches. The cages were full of dead hamsters because I had forgotten to feed them. It was so nice when that stopped.

  6. Jo(e)- I just have snakes in real life.

    Marty- I've never been a school teacher. My mother was, though.

    Mr. Shife- Don't hold your breath but thanks.

    Florence- I'm on antidepressants and I know they lie behind these dreams. Now- which is better? Feeling in a panic and slightly suicidal all the time or horrible dreams? I've experienced the same sort of dreams on several different types of antidepressants.

    Allison- Yeah. That does not sound like fun. At all.

  7. My recurring dream, since I was about six, is that I'm playing with my Chatty Cathy. My mom and my aunt walk into my room and start tickling me until I turn into shredded newspaper. The last time I had the dream was about a year ago. Wish I knew what it means!

  8. I hardly ever have dreams, which I may have already said, but last night I had a doozy ... I narrowly missed being run over by a snowplow as I exited my car in a blizzard. I could have done without the heart-pounding and the tears and the struggling in the snow.

    I don't know how you manage when you're having them so often.

  9. That sucks. I only dream of school toilets when I'm a student, never a teacher. And I did teach. Isn't that crazy?
    Mothers shouldn't be allowed in dreams. Well, maybe not all mothers. But some.
    I bet you woke up exhausted.

  10. oh dear. glad you woke up to something much better than that dream. wishing you sweeter ones tonight.

  11. So sorry...This just shows how interesting the brain can be...I hope you get some respite...

  12. At least you are teaching. In my dream I have to sit exams, physics and chemistry. And they locked the doors.

  13. Seems to me the antidepressants just turn the feelings in or repress them from consciousness instead of getting rid of them. They're still there, banished from waking consciousness but still causing havoc in the unconscious mind. That just sucks.

    I have classic anxiety dreams...late for class, it's the final exam, can't find the room but even when I can I know I'm toast since not only have I cut class all year, I haven't even so much as opened the textbook.

    And another, not sure what this is about...I'm driving on a road the is a bridge and it gets steeper the farther I go to the point I'm afraid of losing traction and falling and I know that as soon as I crest the hill, I will lose traction on the way down and fall. And, if the dreams makes it that far, I do indeed go into free fall.

  14. Horrible dream.
    Sometimes I dream about really filthy bathrooms. That's the worst.

  15. in my teacher nightmares, no matter what happens, i have on short sleeves and don't give a fuck.


  16. I had a horrible dream the other night, but when The Therapist told me what she thought it "meant," I sort of felt proud of myself for having all that in my brain. I think you should do the same and believe that in "real life" you can tell it to fuck off.

  17. So I went to a dream interpretation website. It seems that your dreams represent your need to be organized and your fear of your life being in upheaval. Mine? 'Sorry, but we have no data about that.' Damn the luck!

  18. Your mother showing up was kind of the kick while you were down. Jeez


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