Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Gorgeous morning. Got the sprinkler on the garden, hoping to see beans and cucumbers breaking dirt soon. Hens, ducks, birds all busy and chattery.
Elvis still alive. He's back in the little chick coop, resting.
For my breakfast I ate: one piece of bacon, one egg, one half of a piece of toast. Because that was the last piece of bread in the house.

I suppose I should go to the store.

I am floating in sunshine, birdsong, smell of sun on dirt.

It is April. I am no fool. Or perhaps I am. Even if I am a fool, I am not fool enough to ignore this springing forth of life, this color, this air, this sky, this pocket of time I occupy this very second where suddenly, the new leaves of the oaks, the pecans, have given this yard a shade of green which is magical and like the forest and the sea, all at once, a place of great and quiet beauty in which to dwell.

It is almost too much. But not quite.


  1. I was stopping by to see how Elvis is doing. Hope he picks up and is back to ruling the roost soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about the Elvis hurt. Have left message on your rooster/Stones post. Sorry in advance! Hides.....It was just the one day and your post did bring back such memories. Love from across the pond. Maggi xx

  3. Birdie- Well, he is still alive.

    Angella- Can you believe it? April.

    Maggie- And love back to you!

    Denise- I am shocked, every year, when the green canopy returns.

  4. Finding snails everywhere, quietly munching on EVERYTHING. Spring is here in all her complexity.

    Bless you Elvis, gorgeous man that you are.

    XXX B

  5. We had a spring day that was so glorious and then a storm blew in the nastiest weather ever. Sigh. I wish I lived in Florida right now.

  6. I am really hoping that Elvis is okay. I feel as if he is a friend.


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