Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Stayed Home

I could have gone to St. George Island today with Lily and Jason and Gibson and Owen and Jessie, who took that picture.
I think it's sort of a stunning picture, especially for one taken with an iPhone.

I could have enjoyed things like this.

Or been a bathing beauty like this.

But no, I did not. I stayed home and I can't say I'm sorry at all. I did nothing of any real importance, didn't change the world or save the world or figure out how to cure the common cold or even plant a row of zinnias. But it was a very nice day anyway.

I had that walk and got to see that fine rattler without the threat of getting bit. I had a chat with Miss Liola and her brother who still, after eleven years of seeing me walk here, does not truly like the fact that I do it. He's concerned that someone is going to attack me, I think. Well, someone did shoot his beloved dog and there you go. 

This afternoon I took Miss Liola some more eggs. The Sheik was arriving just as I did and he said, "Hey. I like eggs too."
"Well, maybe Miss Liola will give you some," I told him. I also gave her a bag of mustard greens and kale. She's so sweet. 
I took a dozen eggs up to Shelly's too. I think she was surprised. We talked a long time and she told me more about growing up here. She said that they used to shell their peas and their peanuts and dry them on trays on the tin roof. It only took a day in the hot sun. And then they'd bag them up and hang them in the smokehouse until they needed them. 
Can you imagine eating peas and beans and peanuts that had been hanging in a smoke house for a couple of months? 
Okay. You talk about your damn trendy food- that's a trend waiting to happen right there, all you hipster foodies. 
Holy shit! Someone needs to jump on this. I'd never heard of that in my life. 
We talked about what we're going to do for Easter and about weeds we both abhor and also about aging. She told me that the medication she's on makes her skin darken in the sun. She showed me where her skin is much lighter and I showed her my ugly-ass age spots. We agreed that there's not a damn thing you can do about this shit after a certain age. Black or white. The sun will get you.  It was a good conversation. I told her that if she ever comes past my house to stop in. I wonder if she will. She said she was going to have some of those eggs with a cup of green tea for her supper and watch Steve Harvey. I like this woman. A lot.

I washed my bedsheets and made up the bed. I gathered nine eggs out of a possible ten. I got out in my office and did a little actual writing. I picked a tick off my leg. I watered my little azalea sproutlings that I stole from Bug. 

I looked for Elvis. I couldn't find him. 
And then, just a minute ago, I heard a sound from right near where I was sitting on the back porch and went outside to see what it was. 

He'd been up between the AC unit and the house. He looked dazed and really bad. His comb is turning black and it's bleeding into his feathers. 
Oh shit. 
I picked him up and stroked him, talked to him. Carried him to the hen house where I put him in the nesting box he's always slept in. 
I just feel horrible. 
I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do beyond what I just did. 

I've said and done all I know to say or do but I think that short of an Easter miracle of resurrection, my beloved Elvis is going on soon. 

At least I know that next door there is Elvis, Jr. I'll ask my neighbor, Ms. Carolyn, if one her hens sets and raises peeps and one of them looks like Elvis, if I can have one. 
That would be good. 

I could have gone to the beach. I would have enjoyed it. 

Instead I stayed home. 

And I am not sorry I did. 


  1. This makes me sad to think he might not be here long. I stayed home today too and did not a damn thing. It felt good.

  2. If he goes, he should go on Easter. That way it'll be easy to remember. You can say things like, "Yeah, you know old Elvis died Easter 2015. Well, until his time comes, keep up the hospice care. He probably feels so wonderful when you touch and hold him.

  3. Oh, poor sweet Elvis. He's been the best rooster you could have asked for. I guess chickens don't have much of a long life span. But still, so sad. You have done all you can for him, though.

    Your rattler gives me the willies, but that's my monkey brain reacting. Snakes have their job to do too.

    I love picturing you as the Easter egg delivery neighborhood woman. And I love that you are collecting stories from Lloyd's elders. It's fascinating how much things have changed in their lifetimes.

    I've missed visiting you through comments. Something silly is going on with me and commenting, I get an error email every time I comment that the message couldn't send, that's why you never know when I've been here. But my comments are here, it's just another dumb glitch with the system. At least I can comment, for that I'm glad. I've missed chatting with you.
    ps I'm wearing the heck out of that heart necklace. I love it, it goes with everything and it reminds me of you. Thank you :)

  4. That's a big, big day. Oh, my. Elvis.
    Staying home is good sometimes.

  5. I have so much to catch up on here, it looks like. I'm sorry to hear that Elvis is ailing. He sure picked a dramatic weekend, though, to go if he does go.

  6. Poor Elvis. I'm glad your day was good otherwise. And yes, that seagulls photo is fantastic.

  7. I wouldn't leave either,
    if my beloved pet was ailing,
    whatever beautiful moments I might miss.

  8. Poor Elvis :(

    Those bathing beauties were certainly beautiful. Everyone says 'only an iphone' but they seem to take the most fantastic pictures.

  9. That sweet story about you and Miss Liola is straight out of Carson McCullers or something. It's just the kinda thing you want to read about the south when you open a book. I'm so sorry for you and poor Elvis.

  10. First of all, that is an amazing seagull pic. I love it.

    Re. Elvis, I know you don't want to take him to the vet, but maybe you could consult a vet to see what the options are and perhaps have him examined. It might be better than enduring the uncertainty and watching him suffer. But I also understand if you don't want to go there.

  11. I always resist going to the beach because of all the prep and stuff to take (must have some shade down here) and the hour long drive but I always love it when I get there. and poor Elvis.

  12. Ah! I spent too much time going backwards in time to check out what has been going on in your life. Isn't our online existence strange? I can read about your life and be a voyeur from my office desk while drinking coffee and eating lemon bread.

  13. I like your new friend. I bet she loves that you come around.

  14. Heartinhand- It felt good to me too. Real good.

    Nancy- I like that idea. We got him at Easter, he went out on Good Friday. Makes sense to me.

    Mel- I'm so happy when I see your comments here. Thanks. We carry on despite glitches, don't we? I have the necklaces you sent me, hanging over a glass heart right beside my bed. I think of you all the time when I see them which is...all the time.
    Thank you forever.

    Denise- It is my sanctuary. Kind of a messy one and there's a lot of chicken shit but that makes it perfect for me.

    Elizabeth- He was larger than life, that rooster.

    Angella- It's a really fine photo, I think.
    I'm glad you like it.

    Lulumarie- Yes. Exactly. I didn't get to hang out with him too much because he was hiding, but when I did, he knew I loved him. I guess. I hope.

    Jo- Sometimes the pictures I take with mine come out better than the ones I take with my real camera. Of course the iPhone camera is idiot-proof which is what I need.

    Ms. Vesuvius- She's a sweet one, that Miss Liola. Miss Shelly is fiercer and I like her too.

    Steve Reed- Well, too late now. Bless his heart. He's not in any pain any more. I'm glad you got to meet him.

    Ellen Abbott- I'm with you on ALL of that.

    Erin- It is funny. But I like this community, such as it is, very, very much.

    Mwa- I think she may get lonely. She loves to talk. And what she says is so interesting that I love to listen.

  15. Such a sad thing about Elvis. I think that it's good you were there with Elvis.


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