Monday, April 27, 2015

Bloody In Tooth, At Least

There was trauma and sadness here last night. Mr. Moon and Mr. Williamson went out to put the chickens and ducks up and on a whim, went and checked on the mama and babies.
So. That oak snake which was relocated two days ago was obviously not the only oak snake in the yard. A different one had the little all-yellow chick wrapped up and was suffocating it.
Lis and I were in the house, merrily getting supper ready, the doors and windows were shut and the AC on and we didn't hear a thing but there was a battle in the chicken coop. Mr. Moon grabbed the snake, freed the chick, and seriously- he and Lon both attempted to do a little CPR on the baby which did not revive him- and then Mr. Moon chopped the snake's head off. He was furious.
Even after all this time trying to raise baby chickens, it's still traumatic when something like this happens. Too much nature, as we sometimes say around here. Anyway, there's Mama and the two remaining babies. See how her tail feathers are spread? She is in constant protection mode and is trying to make herself look as big and threatening as possible which did not, obviously, impress the snake. And as safe as that box looks (and at night we keep the heavy lid down on it) a snake can slither its way into it.
And while all of that was going on, I got a call from Lily who was trying to Face Time me which was not working, because Owen had something to show and tell.

They sent pictures and I talked to Owen who was so excited about the whole deal that he was screaming into the phone but not with terror. He told me to have Boppy call him as soon as he could so that he could tell him too. And so immediately after killing the snake and burying the baby chick, he did, and Owen screamed his news to him too. 
I can't quite believe that my Owen is already old enough to lose teeth but obviously, he is. He'll be six in five months. 

Well, life in Lloyd. 

Lon and Lis have hit the road, Mr. Moon is at work, the boys will be out later. I will see the gap in Owen's smile and they can see the babies. I feel almost as if I've been away for a few days and have, at the very least, stepped out of my routine. 
But now I am back in it and the candle I lit last night is still burning and of course they are still counting deaths in Nepal and yet here I am, contemplating a gray sky, the death of a very small fluffy creature, and wondering what the boys and I will be getting up to today. 

It's one of those days where all I can do is shake my head and think, "I really just don't know."

And I don't. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, no. Too much nature indeed. The snake was just being a snake, but still, that doesn't make it any easier. Maybe there's a way to further snake-proof that box?

    Is that tooth the one Owen was showing you was loose when I visited in February? It hung in there quite a while!

  2. I am glad the snake is gone and I hope no more get in the box. I know the non venomous ones should be left alone, but not when they are killing your babies. I don't think the snake population is suffering, at least it is not around here. How can Owen possibly be old enough to lose baby teeth? Gail

  3. The only way to insulate ourselves is to have no pets, no friends, no loved ones, no feelings. And we can't do that. We must not do that. So we care, and we lose sometimes, and we win sometimes.

    I'm sorry about the chick. I'm sorry about the snake, too.


  4. Six? Six?? SIX??!! Oh my GAWD, I have been here since before he was born. Amazing. Now for the toothfairy - 1st time is so fun! Congrats to Owen.

    I would mourn the chick the way I mourn everything - the way you do.
    Still, so hard to accept even when animals are just doing what they are made to do.

  5. Oh, man :(

    So sad.

    But great for Owen, so exciting. Sheesh. Too much!

  6. Poor chick! And yay for Owen! x

  7. How on earth could Owen be turning 6 in a few months?!

    I'm so sorry about the chick.

  8. Very sad about the little chick and the snake. There is a lot of wild life here too. I am sure that chickens would be difficult to raise because we certainly have our share of snakes. Losses are rough. Today brings so much sorry. One of our dear friends who is from Nepal lost his entire village in the earthquake. And I have learned of the overdose of the second son of a blogger friend--both of her boys overdosed five years apart but on the same day. Unimaginable.

  9. I know the snake is just being a snake but I would prefer it to take its snakeness out on a rat. I am glad Mr. Moon killed it so the other two have a chance.

    Yay for Owen! Is the Toothfairy going to pay a visit? Do kids do that still?

  10. Damn snake. I hate those snakes. I know they serve a purpose in the overall scheme of life but I'm just not feeling it right now. Gah!

  11. Steve Reed- Probably but good Lord. And yes- same tooth! Little guy snatched it out of his own mouth in the shower!

    Gail- I feel the snake population is in no danger here in Lloyd. I have no idea how Owen can be this old. It happened when I blinked.

    jenny_o- I agree with you. And I'm sorry too.

    liv- I know. It's so true. And yes! You have been here forever! I'm so glad about that.

    Jo- It all just keeps being busy, doesn't it?

    Mwa- As you know, that first tooth is an important one! I thought today about how soon it will be when Jessie's baby GETS his or her first tooth.

    Angella- As Gibson says these days, "I don't know!"
    Owen is quite proud.

    Syd- Yes. Unimaginable. So much sorrow to bear. How does one go on? I am so sorry to hear about both of those things.

    Birdie- The tooth fairy DID pay a visit. I think three dollars were involved. And a letter which was the most thrilling.

    Camille- I'm with you, baby.

  12. I still have a letter from my son that he wrote to the tooth fairy saying that he was eating corn and swallowed his tooth and could he still get "muney".

  13. The image of Mr. Moon doing chick CPR and then revenging its death on the snake is one that will sit with me for some time.

    And of course, so will Owen's screams about his tooth!

  14. I am furious at the snake and glad that Mr Moon cut his head off. Damn. Poor baby chick. May the two babies be okay.

    And Owen losing a tooth! I remember how exciting it was to lose teeth and for the tooth fairy to visit. But six, wow, time sure does fly! How cute that he wanted his Boppy to call him too. Now we'll all remember.

  15. Big doins'. All of it.
    Poor chick. Poor victims of mother nature's whim.

    And Owen grows from a little boy into a big boy. xoxoxo

  16. I am glad you had Owen's excitement to temper the poor chick death.

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