Friday, April 24, 2015

A Most Delicious Day

That is a different chick. See the brown on the little downy head? The other one is pure yellow. I have seen her or him in entirety now. 
If I told you that I've been out to check on this hen at least fifteen times today would you believe me? Of course you would. Because it is true. I just checked my phone and disregarding the not-quite three mile walk I took this morning, I've walked at least another two miles and I bet you anything that most of that was recorded just going out to look at that hen. 
I have kicked ass today. Walked, went to the store, made a Pavlova for Lis's birthday celebration, planted squash, repotted some plants, swept the porches, did some laundry, have two loaves of bread rising, took the trash and mostly checked on the hen and her chicks. I have called my neighbor whose hen this is and I left her a message about the situation but I have not yet heard back from her. Although I do worry for the safety and protection of this little family, I have to recognize what a terrific place the mama chose to lay and set her eggs. It is completely enclosed in the fencing that we use for tomato cages and she has to have been sitting there for weeks to hatch these eggs and we never knew she was there. I am trying very hard to not get all human and interventive here and god knows we've lost many chicks while trying our very best to protect them so for right now, I'm letting her be. 
I swear to you though- as I told Hank today via texting, I do not know how I lived before I found chickens. It's like part of my DNA was going completely unused before Kathleen brought those first peeps over. I am astounded at the instinct within the hen to protect and nurture her babies. 

Here's something that would definitely eat those sweet little puffballs:

Damn oak snake. But at least as long as he's in the henhouse, he's not eating the baby chicks. I think he's gained an inch in girth since I first saw him. Probably all from my eggs. 

I just talked to Lis. They will be here within the hour. The martini glasses are in the freezer. Mr. Moon is on his way home. I have done almost no cleaning but there are nice fresh sheets on the bed and this on the bedside table. 

Little roses, confederate jasmine, lemon balm. 

Mr. Moon just called to say that he was within a mile of home and had to take a major detour due to a fallen pecan tree across the road. 

Life in Lloyd. It's not always the easiest place to get to, but once you're here, you're home. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Pure peace.

    Btw which pedometer app did you unti steely settle on?

  2. Sweet hen and her chicks. You're such a good Momma to keep your eye on them. What is she surviving on in her confined area? Is there food and water nearby? Now I won't sleep tonight thinking about that damn snake. Gah! X

  3. "Unti steely" should have read "ultimately." Enjoy the martin is and the company!

  4. Darn! My phone! "Martin is" should of course have been "martinis." I'll stop now...

  5. That sounds lovely, Ms. Moon. Enjoy. (I think it would be kind of cool to have a web cam on that snake, eh?)]

  6. If I were a guest there I'd be much happier about the flowers and frozen martini glasses and clean sheets than I would about whether the house was clean. Have fun! Those baby chicks are ridiculously adorable.

  7. Looks like Angella's hit the martinis as well! ;)

    Those chicks are so precious and I don't even like chickens.

    That snake is something else. I almost like it. I respect it.

    I hope your evening is being lovely.

  8. oh, the hens instincts are so honed......she has found a safe place and she *knows* you are watching over her. heck with a clean house. Clean sheets, good friends to enjoy them, and a nosegay (as I refer to them) by the bedside speaks of pure love. No cleaning needed. Enjoy your weekend
    Susan M

  9. XOXOXOX for baby chicks and snakes, the great wheel we are on.

    and love to you for your love of all that life right under your nose.


  10. Why is the snake allowed to hang out in the henhouse?

  11. Elizabeth's question is also mine.

  12. Angella- I'm just using the Health app that comes with the phone. Leisurely. And by the way- I just totally did not even notice the auto-correct problems. I just read it the way you meant it.

    Camille- I had given her food and water. She is fine and so are her babies.

    Betsy- It would be pretty boring tape. It stays hidden most of the time.

    Blue Gal- In the dark my house looks pretty fine. Haha! No white gloves allowed. Ever.

    Ms. Vesuvius- If there is anything more adorable than a baby chick, I'm not sure what it is. That snake is NOT adorable but yes, I sort of admire his slyness, at least.

    Susan M- You are a girl after my own heart!

    Jill- Yes, ma'am!

    Beth Coyote- Yes. This great wheel. I do love this place I live so much. For me, it is the most fascinating thing I can handle. And I love YOU!

    Elizabeth and Angella- For the simple reason that it only comes out when Glen is not here and I am too big of a fraidy cat to grab it. Or even get it on the pitchfork. He keeps going to look for it but it's always hidden when he looks. There are many hiding places in a hen house for a sly, sly snake.


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