Saturday, April 4, 2015

While Christ Is Napping In The Tomb, So To Speak

Saturday morning and soon I need to put on a bra and go to town and get the things we need for our dinner tomorrow. The chickens, the ducks, are up, they're out, they're scratching about. My husband is coming home today. I will have to take the stacks of books and magazines off of his side of the bed and that is a good trade-off. I hope he's had a very good time.

I can't believe all the beautiful comments I got yesterday. Thank you all so very much. Not one person said, "Honey, it was only a chicken."
For that I am grateful.
I called my next-door neighbor yesterday to tell her that Elvis had died. She gave me her sympathy, asked how old he'd been. I told her that he'd been around six and she said that that was pretty old for a rooster which made me feel a little better. She said she'd miss seeing him bring his hens over to her side of the yard. She said that if one of her hens raises babies and one looks like it might be the child of Elvis, Jr. who lives at her house, she would let me have it.

Looks like rain here today. Gray. Heavy sky. I need to get to town, come back, cook, tidy things up. I am thinking I might use the rest of my garden carrots for a carrot cake. It's not really my favorite but it seems to me that this would be a fitting thing to do. I just can't seem to get moving but I will.

I should pipe the yolks back into the whites for the deviled eggs, shouldn't I?
I don't have a pastry bag. 
Oh well.

That's the level of intellectual thought I am operating on today.

Be of good cheer and know I appreciate you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You helped us all to know Elvis so of course nobody would be thinking "it was only a chicken" because Elvis was real. And we loved him.

    Piping for deviled eggs? Pfft. I'm of the use a spoon and make a mess camp.

    Have a super day and enjoy your man's homecoming.

  2. I too am contemplating a carrot cake or possibly cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. I prefer my devilled eggs "rustic style" piled into the whites with a spoon. I am making the ones with finely chopped smoked salmon, capers and onion. They are always a hit.


  3. My sister pipes back into the whites from the cut off corner of a zip lock bag. I admire and consume.

  4. who pipes? just scoop that stuff back in. I don't care much for hard boiled eggs but I love deviled eggs. go figure. my favorite way of observing holidays of all kinds is to ignore them.

  5. I'm a former pastry chef and quite handy with the pastry bag, but I'd NEVER pipe into the eggs. I adore devilled eggs -- I think I'll make some today for tomorrow.

  6. And we appreciate you.
    I'm gearing myself up to hard boil and decorate some eggs. Damn traditions.
    I do like a good carrot cake. Maybe it goes better in colder weather.

  7. I cooked for the first night of Passover and I'm done for a year. Tomorrow I go meet a new baby in my God daughters family and I'm so excited and I'm sure there will be deviled eggs and however they are prepared I'll enjoy them. I don't care the holiday. I like the people and yep the food. This one is dedicated to Elvis.

  8. How is it that you and I are almost always having the same weather? Or so it seems. You have to admire Elivs' sense of timing. I'm still sorry he's gone. Of course you're having a hard time getting going. I hope tomorrow with your family cheers you up a bit.

  9. Bah! I am a fond piper of cupcake frosting, but when I make devilled egg I pile-smush the yolks back in messily the way my mother did, and wouldn't have it any other way.

    The paprika makes it all look fancy one way or another :)

    Honey, it's only a devilled egg ;) xxxx

  10. Sad to hear about the loss of your Elvis, I am sure he was delightful.. certainly it was fun reading about his antics.. I know you will miss him, and so will we... but you surely gave him a longer, happier life than normally they have... RIP Elvis..x

  11. I thought of your young up-and-coming chef who piped his devilled eggs....I thought about using the zip loc bag, but to be honest, smashing up the yolks and other good stuff is a bit cathartic for me. So I hand-filled four dozen egg whites today. Someday I may get adventurous, but so far, the smash and spoon is working for me. By the way, any living thing that's a member of a family is NEVER 'just a (fill in the blank'). Elvis was an amazing guy, and I loved reading about him. RIP Elvis!

  12. Carrot cake sounds wonderful. And though I don't know a thing about roosters, six DOES seem quite mature. Wouldn't it be cool to have son-of-Elvis?

    As for piping the deviled eggs, I say go rustic. Who needs piping?

  13. No one said a disparaging word about that bird but I did ALMOST say "Elvis has left the building." And now I have. It's the middle of the night, And I've just said the most over used phrase ever.

  14. I hope that you do get a son of Elvis. And then we can come to love him too. I am sure that your Easter feast was wonderful.


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