Thursday, March 1, 2012

What We're Doing Today

Owen eats Southern Hippie Grandma Cake. With apples and raisins.
Using a toothpick.
Which charms his old southern hippie grandma to pieces.


  1. And using a Blue Willow plate, my favorite. What a charmer, indeed!

  2. Grandma cake at Grandma's house. Pure bliss on that face.

  3. Oh I see you have Blue Willow ditto. Can I just say that little Owen is just not so little anymore? Time has gone by so fast and this month the new baby sister or brother for him...excitement...

    I love the name of your cake too.

  4. having a grandchild is just a kick in the pants, ain't it?

  5. don't lie to us, thems is chicken nuggets if I've ever seen 'em!

  6. what is southern hippie grandma cake?

  7. Stephanie- Thank-you.

    Elizabeth- He will not give up the Woody costume. Will not.

    liv- I have many pieces of different sort of China and yes, some of them are Blue Willow.

    messymimi- He liked it just fine.

    Ellen- He is SO big. My god.

    Taradharma- Who knew?

    Magnum- Do you see any ketchup on that plate?

    Angella- Now THERE's another post.

  8. He's so dear.
    I need that cake now, I'm craving it. Looks so moist and yum. Please post recipe? I will make it and it it with a toothpick.

  9. Bethany- I promise, I will make a post about the apple cake soon. It is very, very good in a plain sort of way.

  10. Beautiful Boy with his vest on looking so contented at G'ma's house. Me thinks he is reflecting her contentment, non? x0 N2

  11. Looks good to me. I could go for some cake right now.

  12. That picture is flippin' awesome. The cutest boy in the world in that outfit. The blue willow plate, the toothpick. The love.


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