Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time Travel

It's Sunday and the time has changed and I have nothing to report. Nothing at all except that I wish I could go back in time and kill my stepfather but I can't and so I guess I'll put on my overalls and go plant things.

There's a yellow honeysuckle which is blooming its little head off.
That's nice, right?


  1. oh hon. sounds like a hard morning. planting things will probably help. arms around you.

  2. why do we keep flipping back and forth with this time thing? Pick one and stick with it!

  3. According to the new time, I slept till 11! It may have been fake but it felt awesome as I haven't slept that late in forever. I live you and I am looking forward to seeing you today!

  4. Just got off work and just checkin...

    The honeysuckle is so pretty. It is still decidedly winter here. Cold. Icy.

    If you could go back it would have been better if he was not even born. Or try to stop him from becoming so evil. I don't know. This world makes me tired and makes no sense. Who could ever hurt a child?

  5. The ones who got hurt as children are often the ones who could hurt a child, sadly.

    Much respect for those who were, and don't.

    Hugs to you, Mary xx

  6. I love you so much for your honest and your strength and your achy tenderness and your terrible truth. I love you Mary Moon and your honeysuckle just about breaks me wide open. It's supposed to snow here tonight! Bask in the sun for me darling just for a little while and tell me how it feels.

    Sundays. Bah. Who needs em?


  7. I am sad for you that this pain is still so sore and raw,.He will have his day in Hell don't you worry, evil is paid back if not by him then by his family or descendants- Anger is so crippling, but I hope that your planting today really did help and that plant in all its yellow glory looks wonderful.. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the day too!

  8. to sleep....... perchance to dream??

  9. I wonder, sometimes, what it is that draws us back into a past we'd rather not revisit.

  10. Hope digging in the beautiful earth today helps a little to heal your heart.

  11. XO dear Mary. I'll get the sharpened axe and go after the bastard. Bless you in all your honeysuckle glory.


  12. I'm sorry your thinking of that crap head today.

    I hope you garden your way to freedom.

    I can't believe it's 730 already. The day has flown. I'm hung over and met with a realtor and cleaned the house some... Maybe I should drink more often?

    Anyway, my eye hurt and i love you.

  13. Oh man. And Oh! Man!
    The honeysuckle is very nice. Yes.

  14. I was caught unawares by the time change, but it didn't matter out here on the boat.

  15. Angella- Planting things ALWAYS helps. Maybe because I get down on my knees. In the dirt.

    Ellen Abbott- No shit! Yes!

    Lily- It was a beautiful day. I swear. Thank you for sharing it with me. Thank you for being who you are. I love you.

    Birdie- It's gotta be a defect. That's all there is to it. Hurting a child- god. That's some crazy wrong shit.

    Jo- I know but I have never in my life felt like I could or should or wanted to sexually abuse a child. I feel really grateful about that. Really grateful.

    Radish King- Sundays are the days when The Devil does his work. I swear. I'll bask in the sun as soon it shows up. It was hidden today. But I will. For you. I will. When it comes back out.

    Janzi- I don't have one bit of need for revenge. Suffering makes me sad no matter who is having to do it. But more importantly- what the hell good does it do me for someone to suffer? Not one bit. Planting shit in the dirt, on the other hand, does me a lot of good. So thank-you, I got some of that goodness today.

    Young At Heart- On my way!

    Gradydoctor- I have been known to suckle on some honey. Oh yes, I have.

    Andrea- Yes. It is gorgeous.

    Ms. Fleur-Your eye hurts? Why? I'm sorry.

    Beth Coyote- Ah. He's suffering from the Alzheimers. Axing him to death would be a blessing for him. I love you for saying that. I do.

    messymimi- I don't know. Sunday rolls around and there it is. Not always. Sometimes.

  16. Better to plant, Ms Moon, than to kill, though you know that already. Still I commiserate with your desire. there's nothing worse than lost/wasted/destroyed time - time you cannot get back again. Curse your stepfather.


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