Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Middle Name And What Grandmothers Do

Well, Spring continues to rush its way through our world, catching us up in it and here we are, here we are.
They have given Gibson the middle name of Monroe and if he does not grow up to be a poet as Madame Radish King suggests he will, he will surely grow up to be a grand bluegrass musician. Or something fine.
Gibson Monroe.
And now old Mer is going to make some food to take over and the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and I hear that Gibson slept well last night and nursed well and that Owen is being a monkey boy and we are all still amazed, still grateful, and I am going to cook.


  1. Nice name--I like it. A good southern name with a ring of aristocratic lineage, as my mother would say. I am sure that all are too joyful to be tired.

  2. That is a name with substance, and I love it as a name of a poet or a musician. It rolls so well when said.

    Welcome to the world Gibson Monroe!

  3. Love it. He is beautiful. I cannot wait to meet him and nibble me some baby toes! yum!

  4. Ohmy, ohmy, ohmy.

    Bursting with joy for you.


  5. As you know...Monroe is a family name of ours (several members of my family have it as their first or middle name) since that fine bluegrass musician is our relative. So -- I will pretend that they named him after me ;)

    Congrats again, mer mer.

  6. Wonderful strong name :)

    And oh, to have you there to cook and care, I can't imagine how wonderful that must be :)

  7. Cooking is the best thing you can do at a time like this.

  8. You remind me so much of my mom. My mom used to come and cook and I loved her for it.

  9. A very musical name! We need more pictures, babies change so much from day to day! More pictures, please!

  10. Syd- It IS a good name, isn't it? Full of weight.

    Ellen- Yep. I can hear us saying, "Get in this house, Gibson MONroe! Right now!"

    Nicol- It sure does please me.

    Ms. Fleur- He has really long, skinny feet and toes. He's a monkey.

    Jeannie- I know!

    Denise- Well, it's a fine thing, having a new grandson. It feels good.

    SJ- We did name him after your family! I swear! (Why not?)

    Jo- I can't imagine it either, which is why I want to do it.

    ain't for city gals- Thanks! They're different but not weird. In my opinion, anyway.

    messymimi- Yep. True.

    Birdie- She loved you so much. I know she did.

    Lucy- There will be no dearth of pictures. I promise.

  11. One of my favorite kitties was Monroe Moonpie. He was some cat.

    That photo of Mr. Gibson Monroe at the top of your page is breath taking. It just is.



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