Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH. Plus, Bamboo

Here's what I want to know:
Why did someone come into my bed last night and strike me repeatedly with small, evil sticks?
Okay. That probably didn't happen but I feel like maybe it did.

Well, good morning world.

I just went outside to take a picture of another spring ejaculation.
(That's for you, Elizabeth. Go ahead and post that anti-spring poem.)

What you're looking at is a really bad picture of a blooming dogwood with a fig tree in front of it and an ancient live oak behind it.

Now here's another spring picture and I would advise you to click on it so that you can get the real-deal image.

Those pointy things are all bamboo sprouts. Which were NOT there last night because I went out and kicked all the ones that were up before the sun went down.
Why aren't we using bamboo for EVERYTHING? I know they use it to make sheets these days and paper and flooring but why aren't we using it to make energy? Somehow?

Ah, I just feel overwhelmed today. The bamboo is a good metaphor for it all. You can put on your bamboo-kicking boots and go out and blast all the shoots into eternity but you're going to get up the next day and there will be more to taunt you.
My house, my yard, my garden.
They all need attention. Okay. Let's be honest- they could all use a crew of professionals to deal with them and I'm just one old, sore woman with a pair of overalls. To be quite honest, I don't even have any bamboo-kicking boots. I just kick the bamboo wearing the most minimalist Crocs available.

And I want to go see my grandsons. This seems to be the most important thing in my world these days. Of course.

All right. I'll stop bitching. But I wanted to give you a link to an article that our Jo posted on Facebook. Here it is:

It's about birth and technology and it ain't no crunchy hippie shit either. Not that I have anything against crunchy hippie shit, being the queen of that way of life. Sort of. Not really. But you know what I mean. It's written by a real-life medical person and professor and was printed in the Atlantic Monthly and it just makes so much sense.

I guess I better go eat some granola.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ah, as posted on Facebook by my friend Dervla.

    My response to overwhelm: stop doing stuff. Do nothing, wait til it passes. It's baby time for god's sake!

    It's the most blissful spring day here. Sun and sea and cut grass, astounding.

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  3. Contrats on a beautiful new grandson and a beautiful birth experience. A home birth, when it goes well, is absolutely the most wonderful experience. But if something goes wrong, you lose the time it takes to get you to a doctor and to a hospital. It is very rare, but I've known it to happen. I've seen the statistics and because the fact of the matter is that most low risk women will have smooth going, it is a very slim risk that such an event will happen. Much more likely that less morbid or deadly things will go the way you don't want them to go when in a hospital setting. THose are the facts that parents have to chew and spit out, and make their decisions.

    I'm envious--I'm your age with five kids and no sign of any grandchildren for anytime in the near and not so near future. Enjoy your sweet Owen and Gibson. Oh, how I'd love to hold a baby right now.

  4. Shared your link on my facebook page...the least a woman can do is to have a midwife even if you have your baby in a hospital. You don't need to have an OB. Many midwives have privileges in hospitals or free standing birth centers. Line up a doula or have another friend be there to support you and your husband. Thanks Mary for trying to educate on this...I try to myself as well.

    Now go kick some bamboo and boy I am so glad we have none. I would be impaling myself daily if we did.

    Next go see those handsome Grandsons and see what you can do for Lily....

  5. The trees are in their glory and animal babies will be born soon. Life is good. I like that you have 2 grandsons to talk about! I'm not bored with it but marvel at the creation of life.

  6. Congratulations to what must be the very best baby mama grammama! You are a wonderful woman with a wonderful family who all love each other and so easily show that to the world. Whatever you do/have done, bless you. Enjoy the grand life you have created. Joanne

  7. I'll bet kicking bamboo is offered on one level of hell.

  8. What a beautiful baby!! Oh my god.

    I had both my children at home, not even a midwife, or a phone at hand.

    Now I'm going to read that article.


  9. Bamboo would be our most precious renewable resource if we could corral the stuff.

    Go enjoy those grandsons.

  10. I have a camisole made of bamboo and hemp. It's very silky.

    Your new header picture is just essence of newborn.

  11. Jo- Thanks for posting it and I am so glad you are having some spring.

    Stephanie- I'm still feeling a little odd saying it!

    Catherine- Well, yes, as you say- the odds of something going wrong are far greater in the hospital where they can come in and "save the day" when if they'd just let things go as they should, no emergency would have arisen. A skilled midwife can see complications arising before they become life-threatening. Usually.

    Ellen- Even a midwife delivery in the hospital must stick to the hospital's rules and they are often interventive. This is a sad but true fact.

    Syd- Thank-you, dear.

    Joanne- I am enjoying. I am enjoying it so much. Thank-you.

    Jeannie- It's not that bad. Truly.

    Deirdre- My god, Woman! You are braver than I, and I am somehow not surprised. You are amazing.

    messymimi- Too true.

    A- Bamboo does weave into a lovely cloth.


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