Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Have No Focus. I Have No Point

It's a good year for bamboo, y'all. And wisteria. It's always a good year for bamboo and wisteria. This is because they are invasives.

Okay. This is how unobservant I am: I did not know that Jessie came home from town last night EVEN THOUGH HER CAR WAS PARKED IN THE YARD AND I WAS WALKING AROUND THE YARD AND JUST DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE IT.

I think I'm losing my mind, y'all. I really do. I had even just told Lily on the phone that her sister had gone to town last night and was still there. I told her, "If you get in touch with her, tell her to let me know she's alive." Meanwhile, her car was within eye-shot. As I was speaking. On the phone. And she was upstairs, asleep.

Well, what you gon' do?

Pay a little more attention would probably be the answer to that one. For all I know, there's a stranger living upstairs in the other bedroom. Or a tiger. I'd never know. I'd just blame the sounds on squirrels when in all actuality, it was the stranger or the tiger or, more likely, FUCKING RATS!

Okay. We're having a vermin issue.

Smart vermin who refuse to take the bait.

Last night I had some incredibly crazy dreams. I was working on top of a huge, huge tower in Chicago, I think. I kept dropping things off the side, like Owen's shoes. My journals. I went down, down, down to collect my things but the base of the tower was about forty-blocks around. I never did find those shoes or that journal. Or whatever else I was looking for. I found some interesting scenarios, though, including a dog who tried to attack me. I told that dog, "You do that again and I'm kicking you into next month."
Huh. Turns out I'm a mean mothafucka in my dreams.

Not so much in real life, I assure you.

So I had a walk around the yard. Here's some wisteria:

In all actuality, it's WAY up in the trees.
Or actually, bamboo.

The beans are busting the dirt:

Those are some yard-long beans I planted. They did so well last year that I planted them again this year. They are majestic, those beans!

My zinnias are coming up!

Not too impressive at this point, eh?

Now how did I notice those zinnia babies but not a car?

You got me.

So Jessie's going to go back to town to hang out with her sister and her nephew. I'm going to work in the yard. I have all sorts of things I need to do including trimming things that need trimming and hoeing things that need hoeing and mulching things that need mulching and raking things that need raking.

Boy oh boy. I know you can't wait to hear how THAT goes.

Well, we're just hanging out, you know, living our lives, waiting for the baby to decide to get born. Poor Lily. She sent one of her best friends a text message yesterday and the gist of it was basically, "Please quit texting me to ask if anything is happening. I promise I'll let you know if it does."
People just don't understand how it is when you're pregnant and a few days "overdue." The thing at work that was making her craziest was people saying, "You're still pregnant?"
Do people really think they're being witty when they say things like that?
Oh, they're just being conversational. They're just trying to show concern. Etc.
Either that or they're idiots.
I remember one time (when I was pregnant with Lily, by the way), someone asked me if I was sure I wasn't having twins and I burst into tears.
I bet that person never did THAT again.

Okay. Here's Mr. Moon on the roof:

He's sweeping leaves off of it.
He puts me to shame.
I better go put on my overalls.

Time's awastin'.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Whatever that means. Personally, I try to avoid green beer. Which isn't really that difficult if you think about it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, this morning I am seeing if Lily is no longer pregnant. :-)

    I think your mind is just preoccupied and you will be back to normal when Lily is no longer pregnant and you are holding a beautiful baby in your arms.

  2. My kids were born 2 years and 3 days apart. When I was getting near, everyone kept saying how great it would be if they were born on the same day. NO, it would not! I would have hated sharing my birthday with a sibling. And I'm sure they would have hated it too.

  3. I think Birdie is right. You've got a lot on your mind. Soon there will be a lot of inspiration around you again, when you know all is well with upcoming events.

    Have a great day, Ms. Moon. :-)

  4. That picture of Mr. Moon cracked me up. Finding the joy in leaf sweeping.

  5. Little buds peeking through... I'm sure that baby is next.

  6. For all I know, there's a stranger living upstairs in the other bedroom. Or a tiger.


    There. Now that I've named you a poet you can't back out of it. It is done.

    I love you to pieces.


  7. ps. No joy in my garden yet but yesterday I saw forsythia and the ornamental cherry trees are in bloom all over and their color is outstanding against our permanently gray sky.

  8. a perfect gargle on the rooftop of love,
    keeping evil at bay.

  9. I loved the line about the tiger the most.

  10. Sometimes we can miss even the most obvious. I am not up on a roof today and am glad for it.

  11. Birdie- I think I am pretty much always this unobservant.

    Ellen Abbott- We were talking about that the other day- how people always want babies to be born on their birthdays. WHY? I don't want to share my birthday with anyone. As I told May, after Jackie Onassis died, I had my birthday all to myself which suited me fine.

    Nicol- I am having a hot sweaty day. I guess that's a pretty good one.

    Blue Gal- He's something, that man. I swear.

    Lisa- I sure hope so. Lily is really ready to not be pregnant any more.

    Radish King- If Owen hears something he invariably thinks it might be a tiger. Maybe he's the poet. I tell you what- if I AM a poet, it sure is a different kind than the kind you are which is the real kind. I'm glad you are finally seeing some signs of spring there. I love how the tree flowers look against a pewter sky. So much more powerful than against a blue sky which is all la-di-dah.
    Nice, but la-di-dah.

    rebecca- You are right!

    Elizabeth- See above. It's all Owen's influence. Still, it's a nice image, isn't it? A tiger, pacing back and forth in an empty room right above our heads.

  12. It is snowing here, even though the grass has just started to green up, even though Sam caught twelve huge nightcrawlers (using a flashlight and his hands in the dark rain last night, and do not ask WHY because I have no idea, I just know they are in one of my good plastic containers in the fridge right now). I am most assuredly not still pregnant, but feel like I might as well be since the precious little lamb is more like a limpet, needing to cling to me all the time...sigh, I have missed you, Ms. Moon. I don't know why I stay away.

  13. Honey, I lose my mind every night about 5PM. Really. My brain ceases to function. If I'm still in clinic, my clients have to help me out with words like: uterus, baby, labor, etc.

    I'm resigned or amused, depends on the day.

    XXX Beth

  14. Love the buds.

    The only comment to "You're still pregnant?" is, "No, i'm carrying it for a friend." It was Erma Bombeck who came up with that one, i think.

  15. Vermin?

    LAWD. Have. Mercy.

    I'm such a wimp!!!

  16. Kori- I'm just so glad when you pop by. It has been a strange spring. I love the pictures of your beautiful lambkin limpet on FB, by the way.

    Beth Coyote- That reassures me more than you can know.

    messymimi- Or as Lily's midwife suggested she say, "Oh no. I had the baby yesterday and am back at work. I just swallowed a watermelon."

    Gradydoctor- I must admit it is a bit horrifying.

  17. I suddenly wish to see that tall, handsome man of yours dance.

  18. Syd- I think Mr. Moon sort of enjoyed being on the roof.

    Stephanie- He's not a bad dancer. I'll tell you that.

  19. That is the oddest picture of Mr. Moon. I mean first it just made me smile, he's so darn cute, and doing such a great job, but the more you look at it, the more he seems like a midget or something, like your house is HUGE, because we know how huge he is, but he looks so tiny compared to the house, like he's on a giant's house. It's just so weird!

    Poor Lily. Sheesh.

    Oh I love your zinnia babies and beans! I can't believe it's planting season for you already. I wanted to send you some seeds. Shucks.

  20. I loved your tiger line too. I had a dream recently about a panther living in my basement. No one cared except me. And he was terrorizing my rabbit!

  21. It is amazing some of the stuff said to a very pregnant mommy to be. You just wonder why they didn't think before they spoke or text. I would turn my phone of if I was overdue. Let my husband deal with all that. Let me just be.

    Our wisteria is budding and I long to see the covering of the rod iron fencing with it's lush foliage. I'm grateful I have no bamboo pointing up like a dagger from the earth.

    I saw a sweet woman a week ago while I was sitting at a red light next to a coffee bistro. She was sitting at a table with her laptop and wearing overalls. I thought of you Mary. I wondered what I would look like in overalls?

    Give that Lily a footsie massage with flower petals in the water, some scented oil but not too much. We don't want her slip and slide!

  22. that picture of mr. moon on the roof is one of the best pictures i've seen.

    it looks like a victory.

  23. Bethany- Well, it's a weird perspective, too. But yes, it is a big house but not as big as that picture makes it look.
    And good lord! I'll bet your rabbit WAS terrorized! Dreamworld or not.

    Ellen- Maybe that WAS me. Oh wait. I don't write in bistros. Too bad. You should try some overalls. They're the most best ever.
    Jessie did massage Lily's feet a lot the other night. And hands. Jessie is a wonderful massager.

    Dottie- The real victory was when he came down still alive and unbroken. I so wish I could comment on your blog sometimes. I'm just saying that because it's true.


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