Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Day Old

This is Gibson and his mama and his daddy. He is having his first outdoor-outing. He liked it okay.
What he mostly likes...what he really ONLY his mother and her breasts. I don't think I've ever met a child who was so preternaturally aware from the get-go who his mother is. He can be asleep and she'll pass him over and he'll wake right up and start gnawing his little hands and then when that proves fruitless, he'll start rooting around all over whoever is holding him and then when that doesn't work, he starts to mewl and fuss and refuses to be comforted until he is handed back to his mother and then he immediately quits crying and she gives him what he wants and he is happy again.
He is a tit-man, for sure.
I mean, they all are but he KNOWS where the tit comes from and that is the only place he wants to be. Which is fine with Lily. She is as natural at this part of the whole deal as she is at being pregnant and then giving birth. I swear. They should give her a grant to be a mother. Maybe something under the auspices of the National Park system. She's that grounded in it, that much a force of nature.

Owen is handling it all pretty well. He kisses his brother now and seems resigned to the fact that yes, he is there but he realizes that his needs are still going to be met and that his mother still loves him and cuddles him and that his father is also there and that, too, is a comfort and a good thing. He seems to have absolutely no love left for his Mer Mer but I understand. I know he does still love me. He just...well, has other priorities right now. Being charming to me is not one of them. "Go away," he will tell me if he has Aunt Jessie where he wants her. "Go back inside."
He'll be my boy again when he comes out here. If his grandfather isn't here. Or his aunt.

Speaking of his aunt, I brought Jessie home with me. I think she is tireder than anyone at this point. She took care of that new little family all day and all night and all day today and believe me- taking care of Owen takes a lot of energy. She's such a good auntie and I'm going to make her some soup and let her relax. I told her not to lift a finger. I think she can handle that.

And all I've done today is make the food for Lily and Jason

(The Official Post-Partum Meal Recipes)

and take it over there and try to hold Gibson and frustrate him and try to get Owen to love on me and frustrate myself. I did take a small ramble into the garden to see that the potatoes are coming up and all of the beans are up and that I need to replant some cucumbers.
So much to do. Always so much to do and none of it of earth-shaking importance, thank god, and yet, all of it god's work, if one looks at it like that and it was lovely today, being alone in my kitchen and making bread and cooking meat and a cake with spices and prunes in it and opening the screen door to throw scraps to the chickens, noting the amaryllis blooming so dramatically. I cut it later and took it to Lily in a blue bottle.

There are more about to bloom so it wasn't a huge sacrifice.

All right. Here's one more picture of the newest boy, happily asleep. In his mother's arms. Of course.

He is still wearing the shirt they put on him after his birth, which was one of his mother's I think. I know I dyed it. It was either hers or Jessie's. I told him, "Gibson, you haven't changed your clothes in your whole life."

He didn't care.

Not one bit. And we don't either. We know that clothes don't make the man. Titty milk does.



  1. That is just the sweetest photo of little Gibson -- I just love it. And already, him.

  2. All the adjustments to mush up in with the coming of Gibson. All the love to spread and where to start and where to fall. To be Gibson right now would be the dream...just mama and he in there spellbound world.

    I think it is hardest on the youngest child. All the heightened attention being spread like melted butter. Sometimes it is just too much and they reach for the one right there next to them and then can change their mind. Mini-mood swings.

    Mer-Mer....he will be right back in your arms, fleeting as it will be and your heart will fly after him for the quickness of his kisses and hugs. You will see so much in the days and weeks ahead.

    I love your words of Lily....that is how I felt as a mama. I was made to be was all I needed or truly wanted during those mothering years.

  3. He's so adorable. Lily and Jason too, but I wish she'd stay in bed!! Let that uterus get back to shape a bit before she goes putting pressure on herself. Pyjamas for at least a week.

    Good luck to Owen!

  4. Is it too early to say Gibson looks like his daddy? I think he does. This is a hard bit for Owen, getting used to this. But just imagine the two of them a couple years from now! Playing and fighting and all that comes with being brothers :)

  5. Such a sweet post. You made me laugh at the end. He is just gorgeous. Love the amaryllis in the blue bottle and all your goodies. Hope Jessie can rest up. You take such good care of everyone. And you've taught them how to do the same.

  6. oh mary moon, the love in this, it leaves me speechless. my heart is full.

  7. Isn't Gibson something? Wow--all that hair and that little face. Really cute.

  8. Can't believe that she is outside already... In Belgium, you have the baby in the "motherhouse", a part of the hospital just for new moms and babies, and then you stay at home for six weeks. At least it was like that in 1970... They still have the babies in the motherhouse and stay there for a couple of days to be pampered, mom and baby... So different in the States. I would not have had the courage to go out with baby on day two. Hurraah for Lily, motherhood suits her so well. I am sure that Owen will need some turn around time, and then will come screaming back to you Mer Mer... This baby is gorgeous too! Hardly any bruising, and good in the flesh... Well done all of you!

  9. So excited to watch this little guy grow just like I've been watching Owen grow.

  10. Elizabeth- What's not to love about a one-day old baby? Of course, WE think he's special...

    Ellen- I did too. I felt totally and perfectly as if I were doing what I was supposed to be- no doubt- when my babies were born. I've never felt that way before or since. It was wonderful.

    Jo- Aw, she won't do it. She's feeling wonderful and she's strong and she's got a two-year old!

    Stephanie- I can only imagine the trouble those boys are going to get into.

    Bethany- I have sweet babies. They love each other. Perfect.

    Nicol- He's such a lovely little baby-bundle!

    Angella- You just wait. Oh honey. You just wait.

    Syd- I love that you think he's cute. I know you're not a baby guy. You're so sweet to hang in here with me while I go crazy for Gibson.

  11. I know you don't have the God gene and all..
    but you realize you live the Gospel better than most people don't you?

    I made soup for my oldest daughter baby today because she got her wisdom teeth out and needed a mama day.

  12. Oh sweet Goddess Almighty, Gibson is one hunky, adorable, delicious baby boy. He's got a lot to measure up to with Owen in the picture- I can't wait to see how they grow and come/clash/love together.

    (My baby boy still has a preternatural sense for the boob- at four years old.)

  13. God, he's just gorgeous! Looks so much like his daddy and Owen looks like his mommy - that's fair :)

    What could be better than to have you cooking for them. Everyone has their roll to fill and you fill yours well Mary. Laughed at the look of the recipes...some of mine are the same - the best ones.

    I love the thought of those two little boys as they discover how to be brothers. I think Owen will be great at being a big brother.

    "Gibson, you haven't changed your shirt in your whole life !"...good one !

  14. As much as I know I am too old too have any more babies and I am past the age of even wanting more I will always miss nursing them.
    Gibson is beautiful. Perfect.
    Owen loves you so much. You could have described his behaviour and I would have asked if he is two! Two year olds are so predictable.

  15. "We know that clothes don't make the man. Titty milk does."

    Damn, woman. You do have a way with words! So excited for y'all. Joy, joy, joy.

  16. Well congratulations. Sorry I am a day late. I love the name Gibson, and I am glad to hear Owen is doing well. Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the newest member of your family Ms. Moon. Take care.

  17. Photocat- I doubt you could keep Lily in bed. Seriously. Who takes care of all the other children when their mamas are being pampered? It sounds great! But no one here would pay for it. No way.
    I haven't seen any bruising on that boy. He is pretty darn pretty, isn't he?

    Rebecca- Me too!

    See Kate run- Yeah. I think guys sort of keep that knowledge forever. Heh-heh.

    Pamela- Well, I do agree but he is my grandson. Thank-you.

    liv- Babies change so much in their early days. We shall see who this one turns out to look like. Either parent, he's lucky! And oh boy- the trouble those brothers are going to get into. Poor Lily!

    Birdie- I know that Owen can safely abuse me because he knows I love him more than life. And I know he loves me.
    I miss nursing too! Isn't that funny? But it's true.

    gradydoctor- Well, I think so. I mean, about the titty milk versus clothing.

    Mr. Shife- You're not late! You're here now. And the boy is only one day old. I'll still let you through the gate!

  18. Deb- I missed you! Well, no, I did not get the god gene. But what if? What if Jesus and all the other holy guys were simply telling us to do what we all know is the right thing to do but it didn't really have anything to do with religion? That whole religion part was made up by people? That's what I think sometimes. That we know the right way to be and whether or not we believe in a god shouldn't affect how we live our lives. Your daughter needs soup- you make it. Etc. I hope she feels better soon!

  19. Psychobabble for the day: Owen knows his Mer Mer loves him, so he feels safe taking out his frustration at feeling rejected by no longer being an only child on you.

    Or he's just not quite 3, which is my take on everything. They are kids, that's how they are.

    Your blog is making me nostalgic.

  20. Give that sweet baby a kiss from me and Miss A....such a face! And tell his parents congratulations also of you would. :)

  21. Amen.

    Need those recipes.

    And check out my blog after I write it.

    The Moon/Jodi cycle continues.

  22. Congratulations to all on the safe arrival of the beautiful babe!

  23. That big ol' 9 lb. 2 oz. baby is TINY in his parents' arms! I love his little froggy legs.

    All the photos are great, including the one of the rooster and chickens walking in line, as if in a parade, past the amaryllis.

    I believe that one of your greatest successes as a mom is that all your children love each other so dearly. That is something to be truly proud of.

    As for the God gene, I'm not sure I received it either, but I do believe that Jesus' teachings can be summed up in one line..."Love one another." If only everyone did that, what a wonderful world we would have!

  24. Wow - he is gorgeous! Congrats to all and yay mama!

  25. That is an award winning photo. Breath-taking. Tear-inducing. Life. Birth. Love.

    Please continue to document and chronicle these moments and bring them to your readers. You take us to another world that some of us would never experience without you. Thank you.

  26. I'm going to use that last line often
    ! "The clothes don't make the man. The titty milk does!" LOVE it!

    He does have a lot of blackish hair. I guess he gets that from his daddy.
    He is so yummy. So very yummy.

    Soon he will adore you as Owen does. As soon as he is ready for fun and not snoozing around gulping the milk of life.

  27. I love the way your family is connected, the way you all take care of each other. 2 grandsons! Wheee!


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