Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chickens, Parades, Weather

Mr. Moon and I got up early today for a Saturday as we were supposed to go to town and get Lily and Owen and Gibson and head over to Hank's for the annual Springtime Tallahassee Parade Party he always throws.
Go HERE for the link to last year's party. It was awesome.

Anyway, when we got up it sounded like a battle was being fought with cannonballs to the south of us so we pulled up the RADAR and oh, honey's. It does not look good. Severe storm warnings, etc. They'll probably have the parade and Hank will DEFINITELY have the party but I'm just thinking that taking a small boy and an almost-newborn to it is not the best idea. Hank's house isn't big enough to sling a cat in (not that we'd actually sling a cat, especially Hank's cat who is the meanest cat in the known world and who would slice us to bloody ribbons if we even entertained the thought) so...
I guess we won't be going.

I made enough apple cake last night to feed a whole bunch of hungry party people but oh well.

So here we sit in the growing gloom of the approaching weather and sirens just went by and the birds are whistling what sound to me like warnings of possible doom.
What cha gone do?
Drink some more coffee. Almost always a good plan.

So how are the baby chickens? you might ask.
They are so good.
Little Bit, or Bruiser is in with the big guys now. He finally settled down and became a member of the flock, which is good because chickens are flock animals and need to be with their brethren.

There he is in the corner. Isn't he cute? Yes. He is cute. And he looks good and they all seem healthy and that's five for five and we're proud of that. Mr. Moon actually gave Bruiser a few drops of his magic peep restorative formula the other night (crushed up Centrum Silver plus sugar plus water) and whether or not it saved his life or not, we do not know, but he's alive and fine.

We haven't named these chicks and it's starting to bother me. Well, Curly Sue, yes, we have named her and Bruiser- is that really going to be that chick's name? What if she turns out to be a hen? We HOPE she turns out to be a hen. We'd like for them all to turn out to be hens because we are wimps and sentimental and we are certainly not going to be able to slaughter and cook up chicken and dumplings with any of these babies which we birthed ourselves in our very own incubator should they turn out to be roosters.
No, we'll probably just turn them into pets and feed their useless asses for the rest of their cushy lives.

I told Mr. Moon what Syd had said a vet told him once after he tried to raise a litter of pups: Some people are just better off raising vegetables.
We both laughed because we ARE those people.

So anyway, we're stuck with these five birds forever and that's that. If we have five roosters, they're just going to have to learn to get along with each other and with the other chicks we already have. Elvis, Mable, Miss Bob, Ozzie, Sharon, Trixie, Flopsy, and Dahlia.
No one but me can look at those hens and tell you their names. If I die, they are nameless! Except for Ozzie who has that long crazy neck and Miss Bob who is the only non-black hen we currently have in the hen house. Even Owen knows their names.

But what are we going to name the babies? They have very distinctive markings, especially the one who looks like a little chipmunk. You can't name a chicken Munk. Well, I guess you could.

Okay. Plans are changing and reforming as we speak. I guess we're going into town anyway. Owen is desperate to go to the parade.

Gotta go! Maybe the weather will clear! Maybe a miracle will occur!

Who knows? Not me.

Happy Saturday, y'all. Send any chicken-name suggestions you got.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Jonah suggests that you name them all Larry, which is what he is threatening to do to our future backyard chickens.

  2. Name one of them King George Jesus.


  3. Chipmunk is a good name. Lol on the vegetables--so true for me as I get too wrapped up in the little babies and the Mama. We decided that breeding is too stressful!

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  5. Larry is good, but I think you can name a chicken Chipmunk. That's cute.

    I missed this before, probably, but can I ask why you incubated them instead of leaving them under a hen? Does that not work so well?

    Interested, Ireland.

    Ha, wv is sadjo
    Ok, seven goes later, it's something else, but I'm feeling increasingly sad!

  6. you have newborn energy all around you, gibson, the chicks, spring. budding going on everywhere. and you, mary moon, at the center of it. earth mother. the heartbeat of it all.

  7. If Bruiser ends up being a hen she could be named Atilla the Hen.

    Here are my suggestions.

    Tallulah Egghead
    Peggy Lee
    Artemis Fowl
    Eggy Pop
    Gregory Peck
    Mary Peckford
    Bela Leggosi
    Gary "Coop"er
    Alice "Coop"er
    Whoopeep Goldberg
    Dora the Eggsporer
    Peeping Tom

    Ok, I have emptied my creative bank for the day. I am going to go to bed.

  8. Oooh, I love naming things.

    Apple cake
    Cannon ball

    I know people who name their chickens Fricasee, Moo Shu, Stew, Barbeque. etc. Probably not such good names for your flock.

  9. I think Munk is a fine name. I Love love love seeing these little chicks so well cared for and new and warm. It makes me happy. I'm still reading just too lazy to write out two word verifications, even though I love you. I sometimes just don't have it in me, I can hardly read them!
    Thanks for being a touchbase, resting, sweet smiling space/place for me each day.
    Have fun at the party. I'm so glad all will get to enjoy your apple cake afterall!

  10. Betty, I want you to name a girl Betty. But, damn, Birdie got some grand suggestions.

    As did Rebecca.

  11. Hahaha! I loved Birdie's names that she suggested! Looks like you will have a good many name choices for these little peeps.

    I think baby peeps are so cute. I love to watch them grow and grow they do! So very fast.

    We only had one egg that hatched as we normally had brought all the girls eggs in. Hubby thought we should let one hatch and oh that little chick was cute. We had a planned vacation and our neighbor was to watch baby peep and the girls. We came back and no baby...we don't know what happened.

    That was a long time ago when we had our rooster who was so mean.

    Hope the weather improves for the parade and party day...we are in for a very rainy day here.

  12. Sara- Tell Jonah that this idea shows a vast lack of affection. He will change his mind when he gets his own chickens.

    Madame King- King George Jesus. I'm not sure Elvis could stand the competition there although I think that is a very fine name. Especially for that tiny one. It would give him plenty of room to grow up into it. I can see it now, "King George Jesus! Quit trying to fuck Elvis!"

    Syd- No kidding. At least we don't have a mama in this case. WE are the mama! I think Ms. Munk is a fine name.

    Jo- Don't be sad! We would gladly have let a hen set on these eggs if we had a hen who would set on eggs but we do not. They all just lay and leave. They're actually bred to do this which is good for egg collecting but bad for raising new ones.

    Angella- Mr. Moon is actually more maternal than I when it comes to the baby chicks. But he did hand Gibson back to me today and say, "He's too little for me to hold." He didn't really mean it.

    Birdie- Well. Those names are hysterical! I love them! You are a very creative lady.

    Denise- I suppose "Fried" and "Baked" would be good too.

    Bethany- You don't have to comment. I love knowing you're there, though. Kisses, honey pie.

    Beth- I HAD a lovely chicken named Miss Betty. Look over there on the sidebar where she is immortalized. She was taken from us, though, by some critter. Sigh.

    Ellen- So sad that you lost a baby! But hell, it happens. They do grow fast. It's ridiculous how fast they grow! And how much they eat, too.

  13. Oh good! I'm so glad you all are off to the parade and hope you can make the party also. Last year's pictures look like everyone had a good time and Bop and Owen are so cute in that one photo.

  14. Haha-"magic peep restorative formula." Now, that's just funny. :-)

  15. Hope the party and parade were even more fun than last year.

    As for names, i have a hard enough time coming up with names for the orphan kittens.

  16. Rubye Jack- We did NOT make it to the parade and I am so sad. Well, there is always next year.

    Nicol- He should patent that shit.

    messymimi- You just want to get the RIGHT name. You know?

  17. And while I was sleeping I came up with ,

    Cluck Gable

  18. OK, last ones...

    Enrique and Julio Egglesias


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