Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's been hot today. Not hot like it's going to be hot- the sort of hell hot that is very much like opening the oven door and if you put your face in it, you would gasp and it'll be that hot before long but now it's just hot. Regular hot.

I worked outside and I weeded and mulched and I'm already filled with the existential pointlessness of it all. I know from all these years' experience that the weeds will catch up and overcome, the insects will have their way with things growing there. It's a little early in the season to be feeling like this but perhaps I am finally learning and what I will eventually figure out is to grow two tomato plants in pots and leave it at that and buy my beans in the store like everyone else.
I don't know.

I did other outside things too, all of them too boring to relate.

Mr. Moon did a fabulous job of cleaning off the roof, though, and you can see the results, clear and shiny like the tin of the roof he cleaned.

I wish my work were ever like that. Clear results, obvious and bold. Instead, my work always seems to be made up of things that are so ephemeral. Cooking meals, doing laundry, weeding the garden which will be filled with weeds again in a few days.

Well. You know. That IS life and this is life and I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that this is how I feel at the moment and speaking of meals, it's time to make another.
I sort of wanted to make a corned beef and cabbage dinner, not because of any sort of Irish tradition, but because dammit, corned beef and cabbage and carrots and potatoes are delicious but I'm not doing that. I'm not cooking corned beef. Often this time of year I am at Gator Bone like I was last year, cooking vast quantities of corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread and hanging out with the best people in the world and listening to music and then going to sleep at night and waking up in the beautiful cabins down the road at the state park.
Ah well. No Gator Bone party this year and no corned beef and cabbage either but that's all right.
Soon a baby.
That word keeps coming up and it is truer every day.

Time to go cook and yes, it was hot today and it's going to get hotter and if Lily doesn't have her baby tonight or at least go into labor, she and Owen might come out and have pancakes in the morning and that will be lovely. We'll sit under the Bradford Pears and their white blossoms and the oak tassels, too, will fall in our plates, and we'll pick them out and we'll drown our pancakes in maple syrup and Owen can run around naked and I'll get out the big, huge pot I use to cook corned beef and cabbage in at Gator Bone and let him fill it up with water from the hose and he'll get in it, and he may gasp at the coldness which is funny- we gasp at heat, we gasp at coldness, we gasp at beauty, we gasp at pain, we gasp at joy.

We are humans. We gasp and we grasp and sometimes we just unfold and put the silverware on the table and shred a cabbage for coleslaw and we sit down and we eat and then we clean up the kitchen and we go to bed and we lay down and we dream and we snatch those dreams from night time and we carry them with us during the day.

Sometimes we do.

As if we had planned it that way. As if we had.


  1. Was away for a couple of days to celebrate anniversary... All the time thinking about the new baby. I came home to check (for some reason your blog new message does not come to my iphone or ipad) and I see that you all are still waiting... Dang it. But then we have to be patient. New life is worth waiting for... Hopefully not too long anymore! Thinking of you and your waiting family in Florida...

  2. 'We are humans. We gasp and we grasp.' Ain't that the truth, Ms Moon, ain't that the truth.

  3. Yet there is a point, even if the weeds do grow back, and the mess comes back in the kitchen. We become what we are meant to be through these daily rhythms.

    Hope that baby comes soon, for Lily's sake.

  4. These days you make me sigh and smile in a way that feels so connecting and fills me with love.

    I was going to try to make some corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot, as I've never cooked it before. But I am broke and had no money for the fixins.

    Maybe next weekend?
    Did your bottle gourds ever dry out properly? That's the hardest part I think.

    I love the image of Owen fitting himself into the pot.

    Oh and Sarcastic Bastard, if you're reading this, when I email you, it comes back to me as undeliverable!

  5. Oh Mary, I'm gasping. I went to your blog about last year's Gatorbone Shindig and I'm crying with the love of it. That party is the BEST EVER, every time it happens!

    Today is St. Patrick's Day. I'm missing your angel bisquits, corned beef and hash, and most of all, YOU and Glen!

    John and I went to see the Moody Blues tonight at our Amphitheatre here in St. Augustine, and one of their newer songs had the lyrics, "Whatever you do...whatever you think...whatever you say...say it with love."

    That's what you do every day here at Bless Our Hearts, you say it with love. Thank you!

  6. When we were in Apalachicola yesterday, I kept checking my phone to see if my sister had her baby, and then I'd check your website to see if Lily had her baby. I still can't figure out what it is with our two families having babies at the same time.

  7. I feel this way some days and then I tell myself how lucky I am to be able to do what I want when I want. I do buy my veggies at the farm markets though...much easier!

  8. I don't know, there is something, dare I say holy, about growing food to feed the people we love. I wish i had space to do more of it. But then I would just bitch about the fucking weeds, haha.

  9. Wondering if the baby is here or on her way.
    love to you all,

  10. Photocat- Thank-you. This morning I wanted to tell Lily that people all over the world were waiting for her to have her baby but then I figured she's already feeling pressured enough, why add to it?
    Bless her.

    Nigel- In my observation and experience, yes.

    messymimi- What else can we do?

    Bethany- Ms. Bastard's e-mail account was temporarily down, try again. I hope you get your corned beef and cabbage! My bottle gourds did dry nicely- a few. I have them on the front porch and always think of you when I see them.

    Lulumarie- Those words resonated with you because that is exactly how you are. You are love and loved and full of love and you love.
    I love you.

    Elizabeth- Hell yes.

    Jo- Oh. No. Thanks, though.

    Jon- Those women need to have their babies! Haha. As if they just "could."

    ain't for city gals- Yep. Farmers' Markets rock.

    Kori- Oh, I think it's all holy, even the dishwashing. Sometimes I just feel like sinning though.

    Madame King- You will know. I promise.

  11. Glad that Mr. Moon made it down off the roof without breaking anything. I haven't fallen off the roof yet, but mostly I get someone else to climb up there and do the gutter work now.


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