Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Day In This Life

It got chilly last night and Mr. Moon turned the heater on in the room where the chicks are and they're still sort of thawing out. They have a light bulb over their cage but they still need to be very warm, somewhere in the 90's and it was probably a lot less than that this morning.
There's Curly Sue and two of the banties. The littlest one is still in the nursery box or what we are now calling, "isolation" after his untoward behavior last night.

It really was funny. It's like he learned after that first outing with the others that he was going to get picked on so while he was alone again, he thought about it and came up with a strategy which was the one of the best defense being a good offense. Is that possible? Because he was hopping around that cage kicking ass and taking names and the rest of the chicks were like, "Whoa now, dude, I'm just sitting here meditating, no need to peck me. Peace out, brother." And then little guy was all, "Nope! Gonna kick yer ass! There's a new sheriff in town and I'm the one wearing the badge!" and so forth until they'd all passed out from exhaustion and then Little Guy would jump up and start pecking at his sleeping cage-mates again while they were still asleep.


I doubt that chick weighs as much as the postage for an overseas letter.

I seem to have recovered some more of my good spirits and am about to prepare myself for a trip to town to go shopping with Lily and Gibson. I just talked to Lily and she said they were all in the bed and that Owen was trying to talk his daddy into getting up and fixing his breakfast. We were talking the other day about how Lily and Jason need another bedroom and Lily said, "What does it matter? No matter how many bedrooms we have, everyone's going to end up in our bed," which is true. For now.

All right. I better get my old ass ready and go to Tallahassee and who knows? Maybe I'll see some sort of bizarre human behavior I can report on while I'm there. There's plenty of bizarre human behavior right here in Lloyd but I haven't even been to the post office to see any of it in the last two days which is probably why I'm discussing bizarre chicken behavior.

The red Knock-Out roses on my kitchen porch are blooming and the potatoes are coming up in the garden like crazy and the bamboo is trying to lift the house off its foundations and so yes, it is spring and my daughter needs new shirts and I need to go hold Gibson and it looks to be a good day.

Be well, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. OK, Bruiser, yeah. He made me laugh-out-loud! Toooo cute! Now, I'll read the post. :-)

  2. Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the buzzard family. The mama buzzard had named one of her brood "Bruiser".

    Enjoy your day!

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  4. This is hilarious! Brusier looks like a son-of-a-bitch. Mean to the core. Those little wing flaps look dangerous and you would be wise to nip this in the before it goes any further. A puff of air will teach him.

  5. Toooooo cute!!!! I love him!!

    This isn't right, but every time I see baby chicks I think of that segment of Dirty Jobs when Mike Rowe visited the egg farm. Dozens of small Asian men squeezing and depooping the baby chicks.

  6. Those little chicks are so cute. Glad that they are doing well. Bruiser is an apt name for the feisty one.

  7. Nicol- I thought that was pretty funny myself.

    messymimi- I didn't know that. Awesome!

    Birdie- But not too big a puff. He'd be knocked over.

    Chrissy- I am just grateful I never saw that.

    Syd- He has a sharp beak. I guess.


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