Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scatter Shot

Okay- I have an idea. The Republican slate of candidates is so lame that the whole presidential campaign is going to be such a waste of time that I think we should skip it and just declare Obama president again and take all that money and use it for education.

Nah. That'll never fly. Of course not. Too bad.

Did you see Mitt trying to pander to the southern vote? He ate "cheesy" grits. Haha! I bet he did. We do not eat cheesy grits in the south. We eat CHEESE grits. Kiss my southern ass, Mitt. Then go eat some more cheesy grits.
What a jerk.

It's a beautiful morning. It's like Hollywood Technicolor Beautiful today. Almost...cheesy. The sun is shining so bright it looks fake. The roosters are crowing. The birds are singing. The wisteria is blooming. The bees are buzzing. The Bradford pears are starting to blossom. The fig trees are holding their leaves up in a stiff, bright green salute.

I expect someone to burst onto the scene singing, "Oh what a beautiful morning!" at any second.
Musicals are weird, y'all. Some people really like them. I never really have.
I don't have that gene.
Yep. I think that even the loving of musicals is probably a gene.

I didn't get the musical gene or the religion gene or the patriotism gene.
I DID get the cooking gene, the loving-babies gene and the must-plant-shit-in-the-dirt gene.

Here's another gene I didn't get- the flag-flying gene. I don't fly any flags although I was tempted to fly an American flag when Obama got elected because for the first time in my life I was proud of our country in a very profound way. Almost a flag-flying way.
But I didn't.
I really hate those flags (and I apologize if you fly them) that proclaim "Happy Spring!" and so forth.
I'd rather just plant some flowers and let them proclaim the season.

I suppose I better get some breakfast before Owen gets here. A guy is coming to fix our well pump, too. I think. He came yesterday to do diagnosis. He did not appear to be a happy man and I immediately took a dislike to him because he would not say hello to my grandson although my grandson very politely and nicely kept saying, "Hey!" to him. "Hey, Man!" Owen said, raising his hand in greeting.
Well Guy ignored him. Are you kidding me?

Anyway, they have to take the roof off of the pump shed to get to the pump motor.
Oh boy. This is going to be a day.
A good one, I think. I am in a good mood and I am not going to take my eyes off of Owen for one second.

Y'all have a good one too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope you are right. My Republican friends are ready to bet the house, or almost bet it that we are looking at President Romney this year. And they are no fools. Where I was this past week is a swing states country, and something like gas prices is enough to make some of these fools swing one way or the other. I am afraid.

  2. I hate, hate any flags that say anything cutesy like that too. I also don't like wreaths. Or crafts. I suck.

    I don't have the patriotism gene either.

    I also don't like grits.

    I sure DO like you :)

  3. I wrote to someone that Romney could kiss my grits. All the money being spent and all the other stuff going on in the name of religion. I am sick of it. And we are only half through the whole thing.

    I am not a flag waver. Nope. We are of the same tribe in many ways.

  4. Catherine- What are they THINKING?

    SJ- Well, I like grits. But I like you more.

    Syd- Yep. I have a feeling...

  5. It's a sad state of affairs when the republican slate is so ridiculous that the front runner almost seems normal. Almost. He's actually just as crazy as the rest. And even sadder that half the country would rather have someone like that than an intelligent black man as president.

  6. I think I love your lack of genes.

  7. The Left is lazy more than than the Right is crazy, and so my fear is that the majority of this nation would choose Obama but that the majority of this nation that SHOWS UP to the polls will not.

    I am proud of what our flag actually stands for, just not what most of the Right thinks it should stand for.

  8. thank goodness for sun warming the earth and leaves that sway in soft breezes, roosters crowing with a peppering of wisteria...
    i am grateful for spring and flat out hate election years. i'm with you..imagine the good that could be achieved with all the campaign gazillions.

    tell Owen Hey! for me

  9. Flags - In Canada you rarely see people with flags on their homes. It has always bothered me so I have one just because most Canadians are so unpatriotic. They think drinking Canadian beer is a way to say they like being Canadian. As for the other flags, I can't have them in my yard because they are nauseating. I would put up a Welcome Spring flag now if I thought it would help. Yesterday it snowed and today is is raining far heavier than I have seen it in a long time.

    Why would that jerk not say hello to Owen? Children's hearts are so open to loving everyone. It is people like him that cause a child's heart to break just a little. Owen has so much love around him and probably does not understand someone not returning a greeting. People are strange. You can tell Owen I said hello!

  10. The guy is a curmudgeon, probably. Letting him work in the solitude that is dear to his heart and being glad you don't have to put up with him every day is likely the way to deal with him.

  11. Ellen Abbott- I SO hate to admit this, but I think there's a lot of truth in what you just said there.

    Jeannie- Me too. Ha!

    Magnum- I agree. I remember when I used to get into situations where I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance and after the last word, I would always whisper, "We wish."

    rebecca- We have some effed-up priorities, don't we?

    Birdie- Hey! That's a good way to show you're Canadian- drinking Canadian beer! I'm all for that one!
    I think that guy just didn't even register Owen which is SO weird to me.
    I am wishing spring for you. Your spirits are going to rise when it comes. I'll bet they do.

    messymimi- I'm sure you're right and "curmudgeon" is one of my favorite words.

  12. I have the religion gene, I think, but all the rest of this post I can safely and happily say that I feel EXACTLY the same way. In fact, I laughed about the cheesy grits thing, because I actually heard him say that last week when he was stumping in Mississippi, and I immediately thought, "It's not cheesy,Mitt, it's CHEESE." So, so funny. I despise flags of any sort and particularly those holidayish ones. They make my skin crawl. You know what else? Musicals? They make me shiver in embarrassment, so I'm thinking that it must be a gene thing. And then there's dogs...

  13. I know you hate musicals, yet another thing we disagree upon, but this whole post all I could do was sing "Good Morning!" from Singing in the Rain. I love you, and it's totally in a gay way. Seriously, I just made up a song and choreographed a dance so I can fully express myself.

  14. Elizabeth- Yes. And then, there are DOGS!!!!

    DaddyB- I would pay the big bucks to see that. Or a big ol' bacon and tomato sandwich on white bread. You and I are proof that having shit in common is just...having shit in common. The real stuff is what matters.

  15. Ooh, a BT on white bread...I will take you up on that. I love you, sweet marymoon, shit in common or not.


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