Saturday, March 3, 2012


When I was in the garden today I uncovered the strangest looking little toad or frog I have ever seen. It had a face almost human-like. I swear. And it's little feetlings were...oh, I can't describe it. And I am SO mad at myself for being so lazy and not getting the camera to take its picture. I stared at it for a long time and then I covered it back up in the loose, humus-y soil.

There is so much, even in this tiny world of mine which I do not know.


  1. I'm mad you didn't get a picture, too!

  2. It would have been nice to see a photo and then id the little critter.

  3. as long as you didn't make Mr. Moon shoot it.....
    Love, Lo

  4. gradydoctor- Next time I will not be lazy! Maybe it was an enchanted toad or frog. I should have kissed it.
    Nah, I already have a prince.

    Syd- I know! I've been looking online at pictures but I don't see one like it.

    Lo- Dammit! I KNEW someone was going to bring that up. I deserve it. Gawd.

  5. So now we can only imagine your little toad's face, but that's not such a bad thing to do, Ms Moon. Your description offers lots of clues.

  6. Well, i'm just glad he encountered such a nice human as you.

  7. Did you kiss him before you sent him on his way.


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