Sunday, March 11, 2012

Save Time And Energy, Ladies, With That One Dish Meal!

Okay. Maybe I don't do it right but this is what it took to create a smoked-turkey pot pie.

Which, I must admit, looks mighty tidy in its bright white Corning Ware baking dish in the oven.
And hey- I'll just whip through those dishes and then there will be nothing left to do but enjoy the rich, yummy goodness of a down-home casserole made with smoked turkey, potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, pimentos, onions and a hearty (okay- ironic warning) biscuit topping!

I just did it again- took leftovers and made a huge mess and more potential left-overs.


At least I got the quilt done, the pintos planted. And the thing I'm most excited about- zinnias! I hoed up that ground and went through it with my fingers, raking out the weeds. Then I planted those tiny seeds.

If the guy who cuts the grass mows down my zinnias this year, I am not going to be so goddammed nice about it. I am going to raise hell and call down the wrath of god upon him. I WANT MY PURPLE ZINNIAS!

Look- I got to take a nap with my daughter and my grandson today. What in the world have I got to bitch about? Not much. We also walked down the railroad track to the post office, saw a donkey up close and picked azaleas.

Shitfire. What's a counter-full of dishes compared to all of that?

Not much.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Geez, I was just wondering what to eat for dinner....can I please come there and have some smoked turkey casserole?? Please! hahaha.

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday in Lloyd with the sweeties you love. Indeed, what could be better. Enjoy!!

  2. Yay. Glad you're feeling "writey" again. Wait--are you? I'm feeling commenty but not so writey. Is that normal? Hmm.

    P.S. That REM was expressly for you, my dear.

  3. liv- Honey, there's plenty. Come on.

    Gradydoctor- I just wrote you an epic e-mail and then deleted it. I can sum it up thusly: I love you. Thank you.

  4. If only we could cook and not make a mess. If only we could write and not make a mess. It's the tidying up I resent, but when it's over and done, what satisfaction.

  5. Cannot wait to see those zinnias coming up.

  6. I love pot pies more than ANYTHING! Smoked turkey pot pie????!!!

    Save me some, dammit.

    You so rock, you know you do.



  7. So much sweetness. I missed you today -- I think I forgot to comment earlier, and I felt your absence. It's weird how dependent I am upon your words each day -- coming here and reading and looking and laughing. Thank you for that.

  8. It's about making the right choices and you are doing just that! Almost anything is more important then dishes at certain times...

  9. Excess of dishes left behind for me to do is the reason my former chef hubby does not cook much any more. If i have to cook and clean, i'd rather clean up after myself,

    Hooray for zinnias!

  10. When I worked in the children's library I used to love looking at this book:

    Love zinnias, and biscuit topping.

    Also, let's see photos of that quilt!


  11. Beat out the frozen pizza I put on.

  12. So I've not done turkey pot pie but I've done a gazzilon chicken pot pies. Most all with biscuit topping and extra biscuits for jam or honey. MMMMmmmm ....good. True comfort food.

    It does seem to have to use a lot of extra pots and pans...then the biscuit making...still so good.

    Put a warning sign up where you planted your Zinnias...

  13. Feeling very in sync with your postings today which have all the elements of our parallel lives: planting zinnias, peas and beans, making turkey pot pies with biscuit crust and blooming wisteria. Though you are ahead of us with the planting of beans and flowers. I do hope my wisteria is blooming when I get home. Hugs from Here. N2


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