Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sometimes I'm just freaking prescient.

He's already in the bath tub. The real one.

I'd say he has ADD but I'm smarter than that. I know he has NLBHS.

Normal Little Boy Hummingbird Syndrome.

It's a good morning here in Lloyd.


  1. Looks like a perfect Sunday morning!

  2. I just got home from work and I am not even going to ask... ;-)

    And I love this picture!

  3. Why is it saying anonymous again??

  4. confession: I had to look up the word "prescient."

    Then I had to go back and reread the post because I neglected to savor the photos. Hmmm. This could be my ADD. Or, since I don't carry that diagnosis, just NLBHBs, which--did you know?-- also affects forty-one year old women. (Trust me on that, I'm a doctor.)

  5. Good for you, recognizing normal boy and not trying to label it anything!

    Looks like a beauty of a day, i hope you enjoy it fully.

  6. Rubye Jack- I am missing you. I am thinking of you.

    Birdie- I have no idea but I always know it's you anyway.

    Kori- Yep.

    gradydoctor- I am always so glad to have my diagnostic abilities confirmed by a professional.

    messymimi- It is!

  7. Once again I am behind three posts...catching up on what I have missed, commenting and reading.

    I like the heart plate that little Owen has filled with breakfast yummies.

    I don't like labels but I do like kids to be what they

  8. Ellen- Don't tell Owen but that's a GIRL'S plate. He thinks the princesses are pretty though, so it's okay.


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