Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tender Day

I am feeling so tender today. Owen was a joy and he took all his clothes off in the sunshine outside and I got out the biggest pot I have and let him fill it up with water from the hose and he had such a good time in it.
"I love this bath!" he said.
I remember when I used to do the same for Hank, when he was a sproutling, although I had to fill the canning kettle with water from the hand pump. I had no running water then.
Same result. Happy babies.

I am feeling like Lily's baby is going to come soon. Now, by soon, I am not sure exactly what that means, but it won't be too much longer. She went to work this morning, cheerful and happy and by break time, she was ready to go home. She is having cramps, she is feeling "off." I told her GO HOME! I told her to lay down, to rest. If she is in labor, her body will continue its work uninhibited and will be able to do what it is ready to do.
Labor is a process and is hardly ever like it is in the movies where the water breaks and chaos ensues and contractions begin long and hard and before you know it, someone is delivering in a car.
Sometimes the body has to coordinate itself between uterus and cervix, get a pattern going, a working-together. Often, in fact.

Well. We shall see. Telling my daughter to rest is good advice whether labor is beginning or whether it isn't. She is nine months pregnant and she needs to have these last few days with her husband, her son, the three of them together to get ready to welcome a new love into their hearts. There was a bittersweetness for me today with Owen. I have taken care of him now for almost two and a half years and it has been the most precious time I could imagine. I am quite certain I will be taking care of just him again but this part of our lives together is almost at an end. I feel like it has been the greatest honor of my life to be able to tend this boy, to get to know him so well and so easily, to watch him grow, to become a walking, talking person, to remember the baby in my arms he once was.

This is the sweetness of life. This is the rich, honeyed joy of it. When we laid down to nap today, I could hardly bear the way he turned his back to me to rub it. The way he said, "Peep," which is the story I tell him, which he knows will put him to sleep, the trust he has in my hands, my words, my care.

And it has been so wonderful, this experience for Lily so far with this coming-baby. I remember when she was pregnant with Owen and how many ultrasounds they did and how that doctor kept chastening her to go ahead and get induced because her baby was getting too big, how her due date loomed and then passed, with no signs of labor beginning and how she must have felt there was something wrong with her body when really, nature was only taking its time and how that process should have been allowed to proceed on its own. This time, there is a calm peace about it. There is a sense that all is well.

She can go home and rest. Her midwife is ready, her husband is ready, her mother and sisters are ready. We are ready for when she and the baby are ready because I do believe they work in tandem, the two bodies so closely and mysteriously and miraculously connected.

Well. It continues to be a beautiful day. I am going to tidy things up around here. Maybe work in the garden some, mulching. We are waiting but we are not impatient. Jessie is trying to get off work tonight so she can begin the drive down. Why not? If she is early, good. If labor is beginning, she wants to be here and her sister wants her here.

All right. Thank all of you so much who come here and keep up with us. Some of you remember when Owen was born. I think about that and how people from literally all over the world were waiting for that boy along with us. I felt you all then. I feel you all now.
I am humbled for the support and love you give us.

Okay! On we go. I'll let you know how things unfold. You know I will.

Love to all.



  1. This is such a special time, this waiting time for the arrival of a new life. As you say, the baby will come in its own time and ought nit be rushed but the rest of you can be prepared as far as it's possible. And Owen's world will change even more radically, but I'm sure he has the support he needs to cope.

  2. I am so excited about this baby! And I don't even know you!

    Your blog reminds me often that simple is better...babies like water. Babies like being naked. It's true.

  3. Ach, Mary. I don't mean this in a bad way, but she's so lucky to have you there, to hold her like this.

  4. wow.....exciting times..... I remember the wait for mine seemed like it would never happen.....but eventually it does...lots of love and luck!!

  5. You make me feel like family far away but excited for the new baby to come and happy for each new discovery Owen makes.

  6. Ms. Moon, you are a poet. One day your Mer-babies are going to look back on these posts and are going to feel so glad at how much they were loved and how much they were wanted. They are so blessed.

  7. The sense of anticipation is thrilling! It's amazing how much you can make us feel like we are right there waiting fun!

    And on the other hand, may I say for myself...."Peep" :)

  8. Elisabeth- For most children, it is a rite of passage to have a new sibling. Most of us get through it fine. Some of us even love it.

    Blue Gal- I love your "name." I just wanted to tell you that. Thanks for those words. I mean it.

    Jo- We are all so damn lucky. I swear.

    Young At Heart- Yes. It does. It does happen. And it will!

    Jeannie- Well, we are all sort of family here. In a way. I am grateful for that.

    Birdie- Oh god. I hope so. I hope they know.

    liv- I should record that story. My drone-y voice could put anyone asleep. I swear.
    I'm glad you're excited. That makes me happy. You are sharing with us and isn't that lovely?

  9. I remember. :-) It doesn't seem like it was that long ago...

  10. Those last days can feel like such long ones, i'm glad she got to go home.

    Looking forward to news.

  11. Oooooh - if Lily is feeling "off" and You are feeling "tender" and Jessie is on her way.....I smell BABY!

  12. EVERYONE has felt off today -- our whole office was snappish, I dropped everything I could get my hands name it. What a weird March 14. Bet that Baby (Boy) is coming soon! Yep. Calling it now. B.O.Y.

  13. Looking forward to hearing the big news. And I loved reading this post Ms. Moon because it reminded a lot of the time before Kyle, Mrs. Shife, and I welcomed into our life Little Miss Hayden. Take care.

  14. Oh Mary, for the last three days, I keep checking your blog every few hours in case the baby came (as if you would have time to blog) ~ it's just so exciting! I remember the same anticipation when Owen was coming.

    Happy babies...there's nothing better.

    I love Birdie's reference to Mer-babies!

    I wish a beautiful, peaceful, as-easy-as-possible birth for Lily and her new one.

    Love, love, love to all of you:)

  15. Oh wow--it is happening soon. I feel some anxiety about this. Hope that all goes well. I'm sure it will.

  16. I am thinking of Lily as these days go by. Hoping for a smooth delivery. Can't wait for the big arrival. And can't wait to watch this baby grow into a little person with a sweet-grandma-connection like we've gotten to watch Owen.

  17. I thought I commented earlier, but I don't see it here. Anyway, I've been waiting joyfully for the birth of your next grandchild, just as I did for Owen's birth. I look forward to checking your blog to see if there's any news. Babies get me excited!

  18. Nicol- Yes! We've "known" each other for a long time now. That makes me feel so good.

    messymimi- Well, nothing yet this morning.

    Omgrrrl- Soon, soon, soon. I hope. It's all relative, eh?

    SJ- You certainly could be right. It pretty much has to be a boy or a girl. Well, of course there are alternatives...

    Mr. Shife- Yes, you DO know. Thanks for coming by.

    Lulumarie- Oh, bless you darling! Nothing like new babies. You are right! Love you.

    Syd- Don't be anxious! You're so dear.

    Jill- How I hope she has a smooth delivery. I won't even wish for easy- that seems like asking for too much. But smooth, yes.

    Lora- They get me excited too!

  19. you stirred my heart with life's most cherished memories.
    sending love and patience for the perfect arrival.

  20. So beautifully put Mary..the body of woman knows best how to birth. There is such a need to be patient and not fearful as how most Dr.'s seem to make us feel while we labor. Or is it a hospital that has forgotten the sacred calm in birth?

    I loved my home birth...I loved my midwives...I loved the spiritual awakening that happened to me as I opened my mind and body to the laboring and birth.

    My thoughts are with you all. I'me reading your posts out of order but I didn't get to read yesterdays...


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