Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Day

Jessie and I went to town and I got my glasses adjusted but it didn't do much good. I think that the deal is that old people have eyes that are just impossible to correct perfectly and also, that by the time evening rolls around, my eyes are just too damn tired to make the effort to find the right places in my glasses to focus.
Does that make sense? Maybe, if you're in progressive lenses too.
Anyway, that experience didn't make me feel any younger although it was pleasant enough. I tried to talk the glasses adjusting guy into coming home with us so that he could change things as the day and evening progressed but he wasn't too keen on that idea.

I'm just feeling old today. Sort of worn out and run over. I don't know why. I just do. I think my children laugh at me behind my back. Well, sometimes they laugh at me to my face, but sweetly. Even though it's a sweetly thing, it still makes me feel old. No, I cannot park a car anymore and I do back up at approximately 1/1ooth MPH (this is so that if I hit someone it will not cause them much damage). These things are true.

We made Lily come out with us for a run to Target after the glasses adjustment. She'd left work early, come home and put her maternity uniform shirts in the trash. I was proud of her. She didn't really want to leave Owen at home but Jessie told her she had to and sometimes when Mean Aunt Jessie tells Lily to do something, Lily will do it. Jessie has her powers.
So we went to the Target and looked at stuff and I bitched because they don't have any plain white cotton nightgowns (and I think the girls laughed at me behind my back about that) and we looked at baby things and I spent a crazy amount of time looking for a damn alarm clock that will suit my needs which are legion. They are: Numbers you can see but which are not so bright you can land a plane by them, an FM radio and an alarm that works. It does not need to make nature sounds or play CD's or have an iPod dock. It has to be heavy enough to stay on the night stand.
I found one, finally, and we checked out and we took Lily home. Jason had cut the grass and mopped the house. That man is READY to have a baby.

We are all ready for Lily to have her baby. We were all bitchy this afternoon and that's a fact. Bitchy McBitch Bitches. Jessie was tired, I was...whatever I am (old, fat, worn-out and tired), and Lily is nine months, plus, pregnant.
It was pretty fun, though, even still, and I wish May had been there too. Hank, too, to tell you the truth, even though he is a man.

So now I'm home and I need to make Mr. Moon's and my dinner. Jessie has gone back to town to hang out with her sister and nephew and brother-in-law. It's quiet in Lloyd and the sun is going down and I have my alarm clock set up. All I had to do was plug it in and it was set. Cool. Even I can handle that.

One more thing. I bought Bruce Springsteen's new CD (at a freaking Starbucks, y'all and I'm not even going to touch that) and I read this in the liner notes that Bruce had written about his band mate, Clarence Clemmons who died last year:

"Clarence was big and he made me feel, think, love, and dream big. How big was the big man? Too fucking big to die. You can put it on his gravestone. You can tattoo it over your heart.

Clarence doesn't leave the E Street Band when he dies.
He leaves when we die."

Well, there you go.

Love you...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm so glad she threw her uniforms in the trash!!!! Mommas need time to sleep, relax, nest, dream...before they give birth. They do.

    Love from here,


  2. Wow! Jessie's home! Woot!

    I love the Bruce quote.

    And I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you feel old and worn out and that people are laughing behind your back! Totally.

    I hope you feel springier tomorrow.
    Much love,

  3. I keep telling you, you are NOT OLD ~ old is like 90!!! You are not old. Think about all your youthful aspects...I could name a few, but I'm not going to...

    WELCOME HOME, JESSIE! How perfect that you are here for Lily's birthing.

    Jason cut the grass and mopped the house??? Who could ask for a better husband? Except for, perhaps, one Ms. Mary Moon???

    All is as it shoud be, in its own perfection. A new being is coming soon and everyone awaits with baited breath...

    Love to all...

  4. It sounds like a good day, bitchiness or not. Time to relax and get ready for that baby.

  5. My bother, sister and I used to laugh at my mom behind her back. We used to have so much fun laughing at my mom! Dear god, you speaking of your glasses reminds me of her. She got to be such good friends with the lady that adjusted her glasses that the woman came to my mom's Celebration of Life. This woman was the only one on the planet that could adjust my mom's glasses correctly. She went all the time. My mom would invite her out for coffee! And yes, I thought it was worthy of making fun of her!
    We used to make fun of my mom because she was always a little bit blonde. Someone would tell a joke and she would not get it. We would roar with laughter because she would look all innocent and say "I don't get it". Even funnier is when she told a joke. She didn't just forget the punch line, she forgot the entire joke. More laughter from us.
    Most of the things my mom did were funny and we laughed in front of her and behind her back. We knew we had gone too far when she stated to cry. Then my dad would step in and tell us what horrible children we were. He would go to her and as soon as he was out of earshot we would laugh even more. After, my mom would come out and we would say sorry. Then it would start again.
    Now my kids do it to me. It is what healthy families do!

  6. Mom we were so not laughing behind your back, except for when you were aware we were behind your back. And their nightie selection was terrible, no laughing matter. I love you even though we were both grumpy mcgrumpersons today.

  7. I feel certain that you and your daughters are some of the most loved bitchy bitches in the world right now. I do hope Lily has that baby soon.

  8. So yeah....morning coffee reading your blog and I'm crying about what Bruce said about Clarence.

    Thank you for sharing things so beautiful they made my heart hurt!

  9. women in white cotton are hot. pregnant women are hot. bitchy women are hot.

    No wonder all the men around you are mowin' and moppin' and writin' liner notes for you; y'all gals were on fire!

  10. Beth Coyote- I know and agree. So very much.

    Ms. Fleur- Another perk of aging.

    Jo- Very cute. Uh-huh.

    Lulumarie- It's all relative, isn't it? Can't WAIT for this baby! I'm so glad you're waiting too.

    Syd- This is the perfect time of year for waiting. So beautiful.

    Birdie- I know. It's all done with such love. I do know that.

    Lily- It got to the point of being very funny, actually. I already look back on it and smile.

    Elizabeth- So does SHE!

    Julie- It made me cry too. Damn.

    Magnum- You know what's hot? Men who think we're hot. That makes you HOT, HOT, HOT!

  11. You give me so much to think about, Mrs. Moon. So much.


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