Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Just Had To Share

I cropped this picture because I didn't want Owen to grow up and be mad at me for showing all his privates online which is sad because if I hadn't cropped it you could see his feet are not touching the ground.
That's Owen, swinging from his mama's arm while she's holding Gibson in the other arm, nursing him.

That's my daughter. Those are my grandsons.

Really? I can't even believe it.

All right. I have to run. Gonna take my mother to go see her youngest great-grand and then take her to get the battery in her watch changed and then I have to buy new sheets because there's a hole in the only fitted sheet I have and well, for me, that's an entire and full day.

I hope you're having a good Saturday. Mine looks to be mighty fine.

Love from Lloyd where we grow 'em big and strong and beautiful....Ms. Moon


  1. Nice. Sounds like a full day to me too. Enjoy these moments.

  2. Your day sounds easy, I can feel the warmth from here.
    And your grandbabies mama is so relaxed. How lovely.


  3. Your Lily is an earth mother. Such warmth and grace.

  4. She was born to be a mama - such happy babies are the proof - beautiful!

  5. Talk about having your hands full! Lily looks like everything a mother should be, and beautiful to boot.

    Have a good Saturday!

  6. She is one Super Mama! And the bit about the watch battery gave me a chuckle. My mom had me do the same thing and I thought she must be one of the last people on earth to still have and wear a wrist watch.

  7. Being a mama you can multi-task so well and Lily has it down!

    Hope the day is nice and easy for all of you...sheets of mine I noticed are wearing thin, mostly the pillowcases. I'm stretching them out as long as I can. They sure cost a lot. I've actually bought new sheets on ebay for a fraction of the cost at the store.

  8. Oh. I remember those days. :). Potting training with one attached, etc... ha. who would have ever thought. They never showed that in any movie or show I ever saw growing up, but that's what my instincts told me to do.
    ( although I did use a little blanket cover and would so kill anyone who took or posted a photo ! :)


  9. Lily is an absolute supermom! Gorgeous picture.

  10. Maybe I am just overemotional being a nursing mama myself but that photo made me weep and smile at the same time. So beautiful!


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