Sunday, March 4, 2012

It has been a day of: planting a few things, working with fabric and scissors, cooking.
It has been a day of hearing about the visit to Dog Island via the internet and the iPhone and the magic thereof.
It has been a day of hugging people whom I love without reservation.
It has been a day of holding my Lis to me tightly and sharing...everything.
It has been a day of feeding people with venison and vegetables and now I am about to feed Mr. Moon and me with crab legs, shrimp, cornbread with corn and onions, and cole slaw.

It has been a day of bright sunlight and cool temperatures.

A day as beautiful as any I've ever seen in my entire life.

I just accidentally snorted some curry powder.

I sort of like the results, even if I have sneezed more than once.

My brain is set afire with India and North Florida and I like it.



  1. Sounds like a worthy day. I had crab legs last night. Delicious, even though I could barely taste them.

  2. Wow, snorting curry. Nice.

    I adore that picture of Elvis. He is one fine Rooster.

    It was a glorious day. Absolutely incredible.

    Strange strange weather!
    Love you,

  3. Ow on the snorting of curry powder!

  4. A very successful day, especially for the curry powder, which likes to get into everything.

  5. Watch out Mr. Moon, she's going to be a spicy one tonight!

    Love, love, LOVE the new Elvis header!

  6. Chickens, hugs and curry... ingredients for a magical day. And it seemed to have worked! Wonderful. Waiting with you on the new baby! Maybe some curry snorting for daughter so she sneezes it out...

  7. I agree 100% about the grass. It is overrated. Go with the flow in the yard. Make bigger beds. Use own pine straw or leaves for the beds. I have a theory about the older generation (as in 75 years old) and all the pesticides they've used.
    It sounds like you had a glorious Sunday. It is beautiful and windy here, but we had lots of tornado warnings early Saturday.
    I agree that this will be a wonderful month for a new life. I wonder if you are with Lily now!

  8. Your diet is so much more interesting than mine.

  9. There was crazy doin's on the island, I tell you what.


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