Saturday, July 18, 2015

While I slept until 9:45, my husband got up and mowed the yard and now he's picking up a boat he's borrowing from a friend to take down the Wacissa River. It's the flats boat he uses to hunt gator in and it's easy to take in the shallow parts of the river, to get off and onto to go swimming.

And that's what we shall do.

I should shave my legs, pack a lunch.

I am inert as dirt.

What in hell is wrong with me?


  1. That sounds amazing. Even if a little scary due to the alligator connection. I hope you find your oomph. X

  2. I'd feel inert, too, if I had to think about alligators swimming in the same water as me ... wait, no, I'd probably get a LITTLE energy thinking about that ...

    I hope the outing helps. Sometimes we just need to get started, then the other kind of inertia takes over - a moving body tends to keep moving, and all that.

  3. I slept in, too...while hubby took two grandsons to breakfast then home. We have an outdoor retirement party to attend today, and it's about a gazillion degrees with twice the humidity. So I will be sweating profusely, as I always do, while everyone else looks fresh as a daisy to me. I'd rather be on the water!

  4. The swimming in the river sounds lovely. Gail

  5. Every time your page comes up, I hear Mary Margaret O'Hara singing "Florida."
    Till now I'd never listened closely to the words. Regardless of them, I share this with you because of the tune I always hear!


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